Tennis Flirt Brings the Experience of a Real Life Game into the iPhone

Personal Applets Corporation is pleased to announce the release of Tennis Flirt, the game which enhances the iPhone social networking experience by combining a game of tennis with socializing, just like in a real life tennis game. One can chat and socialize with their tennis partner, meet others who share an interest in a game of tennis and make new friends or even more.

Users can choose between two game types: bounce tennis and open tennis; play solo to practice skills or initiate a game with somebody from their friend list. Or they can be more adventurous and get connected to a random player, which can be optionally chosen to be male or female. Tennis Flirt features 32 motivating achievements and 3 leaderboards: for solo play, playing with friends and playing with a random person. Apart from that, while playing tennis, users can enjoy a voice chat with their opponent on English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Chinese or Japanese.

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