IGN: Struggling with Pokemon

GameFreak's co-founder discusses the goals, challenges and future of developing Nintendo's juggernaut franchise.

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RonXD2786d ago

I stopped playing Pokemon sooo many years ago...I had some great times sitting around with friends though back in the Red/Blue days seeing who could beat the Elite 4 first though.

VenomProject2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

How to beat the Elite 4:

1) Catch a Magikarp

2) ???


Too_many_games2786d ago

the Underpants Gnomes philosophy!!!!!

HolyOrangeCows2786d ago

Yeah, I loved and love the pokemon series, but I haven't bothered playing any of the new titles Post-GBA. It's all just so...similar. The new pokemon are more ridiculous all of the time and few gameplay-changing innovations have occurred since.

Turn based RPGs especially have to do new and innovative things to keep me interested.

Urrakia342786d ago

Honestly, I would LOVE to have a Pokemon game on consoles in the same format as the Game Boy/DS ones. They could give the series new life with this game by adding brand new features and introduce it to the console-only audience. Just imagine all the possibilities for battles on Xbox Live/PSN!

coojo2786d ago

to bad nintendo makes pokemon not $ony or M$

Misterhbk2786d ago

Honestly it really is a shame that Pokemon is owned by Nintendo. I love the GB/DS series of games but honestly, not too much has changed since the old days, and Nintendo has still yet to create a truly great pokemon game on consoles.

Hand over the IP to one of Sony's Devs and I'm sure w'd have a masterpiece on our hands. Hell, even if it was on 360, that would give me a reason to buy one again. Love the Pokemon series but just like everyone else, I wanna see a great game come to consoles.

Urrakia342786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Yea dude tell me about it........

Edit- I've always wished for a traditional Pokemon game on consoles ever since I played Yellow version on my SNES by using a special adapter cartridge. Just seeing it on my tv made me wonder about the potential it could have. That was around 10 years ago :(

Darkfocus2786d ago

every ones wanted this for ages and there was no reason for not doing it on the ds....

lizard812882786d ago

GF was asked about this a while back. they said they didn't like the 3d look for pokemon, so thats why they kept it 2d

Lyr1c2786d ago

Know what they need to do?

Stop with that stupid Game Stop exclusive Pokemon downloads.

That shits f____ing retarded.

Incorporate DLC where you actually have to work to attain the Pokemon. Make it available to everyone.

This location-exclusive DLC is just annoying at best.

lizard812882786d ago

anybody who buys it launch week, gets vinchi (if thats how you spell it) pokemon through wi-fi.

lizard812882786d ago

i would like to see gamefreak work on something other than pkmn. they only have made one other game.