Guardian: Batman: Arkham City - first chapter preview

At last week's Xbox Spring Showcase event in San Francisco, Rocksteady Studios revealed the first chapter in its hotly anticipated Batman sequel, Arkham City. The story kicks off a year after the events of the previous instalment. Asylum boss Quincy Sharp is now the Mayor of Gotham, and determined to clean up the crime-filled streets, he has transformed a slum area of the city into a gigantic open-air prison, overseen by unstable psychiatrist Hugo Strange.

Warning: Spoilers at the source.

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"There's also a handy new transport option. Tyger helicopters continually patrol the skies above Arkham City, and Batman can use his grapple hook to latch on and catch a ride with any of these aerial taxis. While circulating the area in this way, he can switch into detective mode, which shows up any interesting activity, including super villain henchmen hiding out in alleyways. You can also spot manhole covers that will let you into the sewer system and question marks spray-painted onto walls that reveal Riddler objectives."

*Immediately clicks pre-order button*