Has the Crysis 2 demo hurt Crysis?

There's a bit of negativity levelled towards Crytek's forthcoming shooter following the demo release, has the demo done more harm than good?

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shades722789d ago

I'm getting this for the single player. Multiplayer can just kiss my ass.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2789d ago

agree ^^^^

Beta turned me off but after seeing the leaked gameplay I'm gonna get it. Just wont play the multiplayer.

Kurylo3d2788d ago

I just downloaded the multiplayer demo last night on pc... man they made it a totally different game... the game really sux now...

da305kratos2788d ago

Agree here, multiplayer became stale for me after only 2 hours :/

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wallis2789d ago

The leaked beta gets nothing but praise yet the official demo gets spat on.

Haha, now that's what I call funny.

Wizziokid2789d ago

not sure they decided to neglect PS3 gamers for now

The Meerkat2789d ago

I thought all PS3 owners had Uber powerful gaming Pc's too.

So they aren't being neglected.

Kain812789d ago

Crysis 2 runs only on DX9 for the moment, they will patch it after release to support DX11, that speaks volumes in my opinion.

bumnut2789d ago

I don't like the fact that Crysis was the cutting edge of pc graphics but this one only has 3 graphics settings.

Low, Mediuim & High (with different names)

Crytek have sold ouot and also lied about the pc version not been gimped.

BLACKBOIJONES2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Im not getting this game...I have killzone 3 and i am sure BF3 will b more fun than crysis..And i got COD MW3 coming out which im getting(Yes people hate on COD on this website but i still luv the game)..This game is just over hyped bcuz it was once a PC exclusive.

Thats the only 3 FPS i am getting this year, i got bulletsrorm but i returned it bcuz it got boring quick when u finish it.

NukaCola2789d ago

I am not a big fan of COD, and Blops has a crappy online server system. I am going to rent MW3 when it comes out. I am not going to play online but I kind of want to know how the story ends.

awiseman2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

You need to be banned seriousely, all you do is troll crysis threads and sy I have KZ3 then add a list of random shooters on top of it so as not to look like like a ps3 fanboy.

dont even take my word for it...look at his comment history.

distorted_reality2789d ago

I don't think that the demo or the leaked SP will hurt sales, as neither can be used for epeen purposes.

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