Crysis 2 - GDC 11: Crash Site PS3 MP Gameplay

A brief but invigorating gameplay snippet from the alternative multiplayer mode, Crash Site, on the PS3.

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Wizziokid2840d ago

actually looks nice, not the best graphics I've seen but for a multi-platform title, it's done well.

GrieverSoul2840d ago

I hate the hud bouncing effect.

theonlylolking2840d ago

You can take off that effect or make it even more bouncy.

BLACKBOIJONES2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Graphics look good but the fun factor online looks boring.

zeksta2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

I don't know, if this game is anything like is predecessor, then Multiplayer will be fun, but if it's somewhat more similar to Call of Duty and really Narrow Hallway type game play, it's not going to be that great at all.

Hopefully they include vehicles and that Capture the bases to get the nuke type mode they had in the previous Crysis.

Raendom2840d ago

I got the demo on PC and I'm enjoying it but it's NOTHING like Crysis Wars. Crysis wars had HUGE maps, vehicles, and no "classes" per se, there were loadouts but the class was an on-the-fly type thing where if you wanted to be a sniper with stealth, just pick a rifle up. No perks or killstreaks rewards or anything like that.

Crysis 2 is a carbon copy of CoD. I'm not kidding, it differentiates itself with the Nano Suit but otherwise it's CoD but in the future.

Not saying it's not fun, but I did enjoy the MP in the original games (not a hardcore fan, but hop on occasionally) and there are basically NO similarities.

BiggCMan2840d ago

Well @zeksta, you can download the multiplayer demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace if you own an Xbox 360, or find it online somewhere for the PC version. I have tried it and was personally unimpressed. What bothered me the most is something you can see right in the beginning of this video. The damn hit detection is unbelievably bad, worse than Black Ops. Close combat can become very clumsy as well with shots flying everywhere because the melee system is horrible. The performance is also garbage as well, way too much texture pop in, latency, frame rate drops etc...They need to fix these things ASAP. And as far as the graphics go, when you see the game running right in front of you, you realize they aren't anything spectacular, not on Xbox 360 or PS3 anyways. Textures and lighting is nice at first glance, but then you notice little things around the environments that look embarrassing.

playaplayer2840d ago

I agree with you 100%. I'm really trying to love crysis, but this game is not ready for prime time. Crytek and EA need to delay the console version of this game. It's no where near as polished as the pc version on low settings. And pretty much no one is talking about this game on my xbox friend list but me. If they release this game the way it is. It's going to not sell good at all.

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SnakeMustDie2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

I'm just going to repost my previous thoughts regarding the MP demo.

1. Console Port confirmed - Auto-aim, press start button etc.

2. Simplified Powers - It's not that bad but takes away the challenge that was present in Crysis Wars where you have to manage your energy and activating the correct power.

3. Pier 17 - When I played Skyline, my framerate is steady 60fps no drops at 1080p Hardcore. Then when I play Pier 17, the game drops to an unplayable 15-20 fps. Wtf?

4. Maximum Radar, Orbital Strike, Ceph Gunship - It's clear that Crytek is turning Crysis 2 into a CoD/Halo hybrid. The reason I liked Crysis is because it's unique to other shooters released this gen. It has it's own identity which seperates itself from the competition. Adding those 3 just ruined Crysis 2 especially because noobs will just camp(especially on Pier 17). The only thing that prevents them to get those said powers is because of the unique dogtag killstreaks. Not to mention that those 3 are just renamed UAV recon, Airstrike and Heli support.

BiggCMan2840d ago

Yea I agree with all of this, it has unfortunately turned into another "me-to" game, at least regarding the multiplayer. I am hoping the single player is worthwhile because that was the best part about Crysis, and I hope its just as good in 2.

Kon2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

"3. Pier 17 - When I played Skyline, my framerate is steady 60fps no drops at 1080p Hardcore. Then when I play Pier 17, the game drops to an unplayable 15-20 fps. Wtf? "

Sorry, but you don't need to blame the game because you PC can't handle it.

@Below Strange because i have an 5670 and i run the game smoothly, even on Pier 17. I think the problem might be at SLI. Well, good luck

SnakeMustDie2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

It's kinda odd because Skyline runs so smooth while Pier 17 drops at unplayable framerates. There might be some problems with my GPU driver or Crysis 2 hates SLI. Anyway, I'll try to find a solution to the problem.

ps3bestever2840d ago

graphic looks good for a multi-platform title

byeGollum2840d ago

What's with all this "COD/Halo" comparisons, when its nothing like those games.

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