Kotaku: Battlefield 3 Resumes Hostilities With Call Of Duty

Kotaku: "For a few years now, the people at Electronic Arts have been trying to make a better ice cream sundae.
It's hard to improve the ice cream sundae, of course, because it's already a sure crowd-pleaser. Some might even question why, though obviously ice cream sells really well and that's probably one of the main reasons why.

It's tough, though. How do you make a sundae that's better than the ones stacked by the competition, the competition who sell about five million new ones in a day any time they put out a new flavor.

The ice cream sundae for video games is Activision's Call of Duty. And rival EA's trying once again to top it, though this time, they're trying both impressively and weirdly.

They're trying with Battlfield 3, a game I've seen twice in the last couple of weeks and can finally describe to you now."

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hellzsupernova2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

there different games sure they are both FPS but one is a realistic take on the battlefield and the other is for little teens who want the latest CoD because its "cool"

oh ffs "We want to show we can do what everyone else was doing."

Istanbull2785d ago

Its kotaku, almost the worst gaming site on the web.

Pixelated_Army2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

"Battlefield 3 is being shown, first, in single-player, in visually-stunning, heavily-scripted, action-movie-style this-sure-seems-like-Call-of-D uty-all-over-again single-player."

Did anyone else here get the impression when viewing the BF3 video that it was in any way similar to COD? Kotaku GTFO with this horse shit, COD is fucking deader than dead and KZ3 was the one to make the first strike(get it? lol) and BF3 will be the death blow.

BLACKBOIJONES2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Not really, i dont buy COD because its cool and im not a teen..I buy it because i like the arcade style gameplay online which is really addictive. I find it funny how much hate COD gets on this web site.U do know that outside your little world called N4G millions of people still luv this game and i can bet when Battlefield and Cod comes out Cod will sell more..I know ur going to come at me with the same old sales dont mean quality but at the same time the people buying it dont care about quality all they care about is how much fun u can have with the game and Cod has a better fun factor than Battlefield thanks to Cod arcade style gameplay. Any way i will be buying both COD MW3 when it comes out.People luv to hate when ur successful.

U all complain COD is the same shit every time, but im sure u have heard the old saying dont fix what is not broken!!!! Yes COD has problems with hackers and campers online but the hackers are being banned now and the campers are easy to kill if u have skill.

DanSolo2785d ago

lol neither of them are realistic... but Battlefield is the better game, and less noob-ish!

The way I see it is that I have zero preference over which one is "better" or which one is "winning". All that matters is that the competition is strong so that all the devs have to continually up their game and keep improving and innovating to give us the best experience!

People like different types of games, some people don't want a totally hardcore experience they just want to be able to plug and play. Others like to immerse themselves in the most hardcore experience they can. Nothing wrong with either mentality.

Regardless of what peoples individual opinion is, COD 4 was a good game for what it is but since then the COD franchise is slipping. I prefer Battlefield of the 2, but I hope both of them continue to improve and push the other to do better so that I can just jump ship between each of them and any other FPS's that I choose so I am always having the best experience.

Battlefield 3 is looking pretty damn good though, probably will be the best FPS of the year, and it's a year of good ones!

omni_atlas2785d ago

The money is in the multiplayer -- so hedge your bets on that. As mentioned before, the single player campaign is 'training' wheels for multiplayer. I felt the same way with COD.

From the alpha footage I can already tell BF3 has COD4 beat in the graphics & animation department; lets see how they do story wise; and they never fail with multiplayer.

I'll be upgrading my computer specifically for this.

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ChronoJoe2785d ago

I've never had an ice cream sundae.

sway__z2785d ago

What a ridiculous comparison 'Ice Cream Sundae'.

I became bored just after reading the first line of the article.

Kotaku, Kotaku...great journalism...yeh whatever!

trounbyfire2785d ago

anyone else see the B3 gameplay trailer. if so doesn't it look like everything is set up. what i mean is it looks on rails and i think the mo-cap everything.

it looks great but it just seemed to...heavily scripted the way things were happening. the level was mo-capped

i am going to get a bunch of disagrees for this but i just wanted to see if anyone else felt that way...go easy on me

coldfoot2785d ago

I have always preferred playing multiplayer Battlefield to playing multiplayer COD. I've never held on to a COD game for more than a month, whereas I've played BFBC2 until KZ3 came out.

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