Gamespot: InFamous 2 Hands-on Preview – Custom Missions

InFamous 2 and developer Sucker Punch are giving the power to the players. Alongside all of the missions you would normally encounter in the game's story mode, players will now be able to create their own custom missions using the game's mission editing tools. The tools will allow players to tweak a variety of different gameplay types, such as platforming, racing, and shooting gallery. You can then filter what types of missions you want to populate your world, and they will appear alongside the normal missions in the single-player game. If you create a truly rad level--and enough people give it a good rating--Sucker Punch might even take notice and bump you up to Sucker Punch Featured Content status. We got the chance to go hands-on and test out a few example missions during this year's GDC.

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HeavenlySnipes2786d ago

Can't wait to leech off the great user creators that get this game :D

SCThor2786d ago

This is really HUGE! is like a LBP but badass!!

2786d ago
garos822786d ago

i wanna be famous!
thats great im loving this play creat share mentality of sony as of late. it will bring so much more innovation to sand box games if others also follow suit GTA5 anyone? with full community customisation next

NukaCola2786d ago

Here is my first mission. Climb a really really really tall building and take out the baddies on the ledges to save the girl up top. KARMA GOOD!

Second mission: There are 50 spectators below watching. Power drop them all in one shot. KARMA EVIL!

garos822786d ago

lol i have the same OCD tendencies, i cant be to nice without wanting to kick everyones ass after a while!

Masterchef20072786d ago

This should add a ton of replay value to the title. Now throw in online coop.....

sorceror1712786d ago

It's a brilliant move, the more I think about it. A problem with most "open-world" games is that you run out of stuff to do eventually. DLC helps some, of course, but there are limits to what even a large development house can do.

But LBP has proven that there are really creative people out there, enough to deliver an effectively endless stream of content. Sure, 90% of everything is crap (look up "Sturgeon's Law") but with a good rating system the cream can rise to the top.

I still play I1 every so often, just because I love the gameplay. But I do wish for new missions. I2 sounds awesome - even after I platinum the thing, I can fire up the PS3 at night an play a new mission or two.

I've even been trying to think of missions I'd design. I wonder if you can knock out power to part of the city...