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LA Noire is the combined effort of Rockstar Games and Team Bondi, the developers who created The Getaway series for the PlayStation 2. In it, you play as Cole Phelps, a returned war hero who joins the LAPD in hopes of making something of his life.

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jmare2785d ago

Technically, it would be Team Bondi FTW!

DanSolo2785d ago

This game is looking good and it definately has alot of potential. I just hope that it lives up to its potential and doesn't just end up a gimmicky let down that is just a GTA clone dressed up as something else.... I think they are putting alot of effort in trying to make it live up to its potential though so we could be lucky and end up with something pretty damn good!

I am looking forward to it and at the moment with only the small amount of it I've seen, it's already a day one purchase for me!