EA: Battlefield 3 Tech Will 'Reinvent' Shooter Category

Electronic Arts has made it very clear that they're not taking the success of Call of Duty lying down; the publisher is intent on grabbing share in the shooter market, and EA boss John Riccitiello has already pointed out that it starts with Battlefield 3. The DICE developed title was unveiled at a world premiere during GDC, and IndustryGamers came away thoroughly impressed by the real-time gameplay demo shown on screen.

IG chatted with EA Games label head Frank Gibeau about his company's plan to dethrone Call of Duty. Gibeau is quite bullish on Battlefield 3, largely because of the hugely impressive tech behind it: the Frostbite 2 engine.

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bluedevil182788d ago

Battlefield 3 = GAME OF THE YEAR... Enough Said