Battlefield 3 PC first impressions

The first public showing of Battlefield 3 took place this evening at an off-site event at the Game Developer’s Conference. There, select press were shown the first chunk of a the single player campaign, and what the technology behind the game; the Frostbite Engine 2, is capable of.

Last year, EA attacked Call of Duty’s hold on the Christmas shooter market with Medal of Honor, with limited success.

This year, Battlefield is going to mount a full blown assault on CoD’s dominance. The good news is: it’s built for the PC, to showcase what the PC is capable of. And it’s the best looking PC game in the world right now.

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morventhus2787d ago

new pc gaming rig here i come!

Letros2787d ago

This game is a monster!

kevnb2787d ago

Its a system seller, this and diablo 3 are going to bring back alot of pc gamers. This has happened before, i remember when half-life 2, battlefield 2, wow, farcry and doom 3 came out... Pc gaming was apparently dead just before then too.