DualShockers GDC11: An In-Depth Look at Battlefield 3

"Tonight the fine folks at EA threw a pretty huge shindig for the unveiling of the next chapter in their hotly-anticipated Battlefield series. Beyond the fact that I’m sure we broke several fire codes for cramming the venue with so many nerds, there was quite a bit of Battlefield 3 footage shown that I’m sure will please longtime fans, and garner excitement from those who aren’t quite so hot about it. While EA can only show you the first chapter of three, I’m here to blab about the whole enchilada, so pay attention! Hit the jump to read my impressions, and why Battlefield 3 might just cure me of “modern combat shooter fatigue.”

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Danl2786d ago

It looks pretty, but I'm hoping they show something that really sets this thing apart from its competitors.

JoelT2786d ago

Here's to hoping that the EA and Sony love affair will spawn some PlayStation move and 3D goodness into this bad boy.

If I even remotely hear that I'm running to the store and picking up that sharpshooter peripheral.

booni32786d ago

I agree, can it show us how it's better than Call of Duty?

thevokillist2785d ago

Seriously. I've enjoyed the previous Battlefield title, but it just seems like everything nowadays is just... i dont know, generic. It's the same thing regurgitated over and over.

JohnColaw2786d ago

It does look very pretty. But the problem is "10 Years into the Future" is becoming the new WW2...really gonna have to do something big to stand out for me to care.

Looks great though and can't wait to hear more.

Thrillhouse2786d ago

It's three years into the future.

mau642786d ago

day 1 purchase definitely

sway__z2786d ago

Looks undeniably awesome FACT!

Just saying...of the 2 consoles capable of a decent FPS game (no disrespect wii), I see PS3 users more likely to move away from the arcade style COD series and on to BF3.

360 owners seem happy that their console has (sad to admit) the best versions of COD since they came to this current gen of hardware.

PS3 wise, if the game was coded to stream off Blu ray (much like Killzone3), then PS3 version should get close to replicating the PC visuals, since memory constraints will be less of an issue.

The Cell and 7 SPU's should be able to handle the madness (see KZ3 for proof), but I don't believe either console has the ram to justify anything close (graphically) to the PC version seen. The answer is to stream from the disc, at least for PS3 owners who have the luxury of disc space.

BTW I am not bashing 360 (has a better unified 512mb ram than PS3), it's just fact that Blu Ray has the advantage storage wise, and has assisted developers when ram was an issue.

sleepy32786d ago

uhhh. close to the latest PC video cards with DX11....i think you may be a bit too hopeful. KZ looks nice, but the low res textures hold it back. Not to mention the highest resolution the PS3 can output is 1920*1080.

Also, lets be realistic. If kz was multi the sales on the 360 would easily overshadow those of the ps3 version, just like the sales for every other shooter on the market including CoD, Battlefield, medal of honor

MattJay2786d ago

I can't wait for this game. I'm gonna go join the army to tide me over til its release.

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