Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Costume Pack DLC and Shadow Mode out now!

Two new packs for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 have been released. One is a costume pack, check them out in the gallery, and the other is Shadow Mode which allows you to “face off against custom-built computer opponents, modeled and programmed after famous players’ special techniques, fighting tendencies, and specific themed teams.”

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WhiteNoise2882d ago

Wow the developers must be quick to make this totally not cut content available so soon after release


GrieverSoul2882d ago

They are good developers that gave us free DLC for our support in buying the game. Devs are our friends! ;)


Seriously, anyone here buys these costumes?! I mean, you know its probably just a 100kbps unlock key, right?!

2882d ago
ChronoJoe2882d ago

Doesn't have to be 'cut'.

If it's developed on a different development lifecycle, with independant budget etc, then it's not part of the game, originally.

Who cares if it's on the disc? I'm not buying it because it's crap, not because it's on the disc already. When I bought MVC3 I KNEW what I was paying for, and this was not a part of it. I could care less where they've chosen to store it.

Corrwin2882d ago

Oh brilliant. I can't wait to pay $5 for a palate swap and some tweaks.

Soul Calibur 4 is how old and featured as much customisation as you could want out of the box - what are Capcom thinking? Beyond "Ka-ching!" of course.

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midgard2272882d ago

dunno how many times i gotta say it but who cares if jill is on disc if she doesnt have voice work or all her moves? no characters call her name when shes tagged in and well shes just not finished. freakin noob tards that whine like children. now the costumes yes i can complain, but characters are not just simply add them like a map. 35 other voice actors have to call in her name, and she has to call out 35 other names and do grunts etc aswell if u wud see how unfinished her hyper lol

lee_ten2882d ago

where the hell is spectator mode? seriously capcom? what the hell is wrong with you?

RockmanII72882d ago

I still don't understand why everyone think's this game will get a super edition, Ignorance is Bliss.