Eva Mendes Headed into Uncharted Film Territory?

Wahlberg says she may be onboard for the Uncharted film.

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trounbyfire2840d ago

GOD WHY????!

come on are they trying to make a good movie anymore. i don't know what to say but com on

Wenis2840d ago

Hardly anyone tries to make a good movie these days. They just want a movie that appeals to the most people.. thus more money. Because I doubt the typical Eva Mendes fan is a gamer.

crxss2839d ago

Someone please stop the bleeding now!!!! This film is getting butchered!!!!!

TOSgamer2839d ago

Yep. What's the point of even calling it Uncharted. Same Hollywood crap, recycling the same faces over and over again.

ShinFuYux2840d ago

Just slap a sex, nude scene with this chick and the movie would be epic.

RBLAZE19882839d ago

I hope so she's probably one of the hottest and most beautiful actresses on the planet. Gorgeous!

stonecold32840d ago

eve mendes is pretty hot peace out

RBLAZE19882839d ago


zackacloud2839d ago

Chloe 80%

Because Chloe almost like the avatar of Eva

Elena mybe Ali Larter

or jakie chan looooool

Pozzle2840d ago

She's pretty as hell, but she isn't exactly what I'd call a good choice for either Elena or Chloe.

...unless she's playing a completely new character? :/

trounbyfire2840d ago

a new character..UH no thanks KISS

KEEP it simple stupid and no you the writers

karl2839d ago

im just saying but since they mention the idea of a family protecting treasures or something like that

could she be drake's wife? xDDDD im just saying

for all we know that retard who wrote this could easily makes us watch a drake with even a son and a daughter and elena maybe being the school teacher? i dont know

this movie just went under

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The story is too old to be commented.