Breaking: Charlie Sheen, Moammar Gadhafi to star in "totally offensive" motion-controlled game

Jeff Grubb writes: "Players will waggle their way straight to the loony bin in over 30 recreations of famous moments from the lives of Sheen and Gadhafi. Don't worry though, this won't be your typical mini-game collection. In events like I'M HIGH ON CHARLIE SHEEN, players must wag their arms aggressively and scream into the microphone while the interviewer silently judges them. In Dictator mode, wannabe Gadhafis get to systematically kill their own people while claiming that the rebels are all high on wacky Al Qaeda drugs.

Reports claim that Gary Bussey has already signed on to appear in the game, and Mel Gibson is waiting for his "special services" to confirm that there aren't any jews involved before he commits to anything."

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RogueCheddar2879d ago

Dude. I would totally play this.

Superted20072878d ago

This game looks fucking awesome!

dgroundwater2878d ago

" "We were getting really sick of those infants at Epic getting all the recognition for their childish dick jokes," said Irrational Games' Ken Levine while hiding under his desk from Mel Gibson's Jew-detection service. "

Ahaha! I love this garbage.