Without Halo What Is Bungie's Destiny?

Bungie has issued statements on their site denying the claim that they were advised by Activision Blizzard to lay off employees. However, no comments regarding the existence of Destiny have been issued. We are well aware that Bungie is a company that is highly secretive about their projects, but keeping secrets in the internet age is becoming increasingly difficult. Or is it?

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games4thought2787d ago

Its been over ten years since Bungie worked on anything but Halo. It makes sense that they would take some time figuring out what they want to do and how to best bring that idea to life.

TheHip142787d ago

this project sounds pretty interesting

Doctorofreality2787d ago

Who knows? Captain speculation does!

RaymondM2787d ago

hmmm i think this is their time to shine. Now that they've produced a game that could pretty much sustain a console, they can focus on something with a great story and people will buy it just cause it says Bungie...i know i will