PC Gamer’s terrifying Battle Bus is why you should play ArmA 2

While other, less war-hungry citizens of Earth were watching a movie awards show last weekend, our insane ArmA 2 community was violating seven protocols of the Geneva Convention by taking over an entire country with a weaponized bus. Here’s a video of how we did it.[Evan Lahti]

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ATiElite2791d ago

Arma II is known as being the most brutal and realistic milsim "available to civilians". It's the Hardcore of FPS that's known to be the death of many keyboards and cause high levels of stress but you can have a very fun time with Arma II. On this particular round the guys at PC Gamers made this modded out bus. I'm sure next weekend they are gonna actually take it into combat.

funniest stuff ever in a game oh so serious.

Agent-862791d ago

Last time I saw a bus like that was the Urban Assault Vehicle from the movie Stripes. This one certainly has more weapons, though.