Call of Duty Teaser Countdown Site Tricked, Picture Revealed

The internet was recently abuzz with the rumor of a Modern Warfare 3 reveal after a countdown timer appeared on the site and Call of Duty dog tags were sent out to select press. It was later revealed that in fact the countdown was most probably for a live-action Call of Duty short from Toronto based team We Can Pretend, although some still speculate that WCP are simply a red herring and a MW3 reveal is still coming. Eager to find out more about the countdown, one rather smart YouTube user has tricked the timer into revealing its surprise prematurely.

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2fk2792d ago

YUCK!!!...COD bores me hey activision take a 5 year break then release another COD then we might actually see something innovative....sorry COD fans im just disappointed.

GrieverSoul2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Its not MW3 (the game itself) related. At least it doenst look like it. It sets it up but Im not sure it has anything to do with Activision or Infinity Ward.

limewax2792d ago

Looks a billion times better than that CoD ever could. And I dont mean visually, The setting at the end looked so much more interesting than anything Iv seen in CoD.

Id rather watch a full version of this than buy MW3

blitz06232792d ago

Watch this article go up to 500+ degrees. That's how interested and excited people are with the next CoD. I honestly think it's pretty sad.

davidmccue2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

It's nothing to do with Activision or Infinity ward, its a video made by We Can Pretend who are looking to spark a deal to gain filming rights from Activision.You have got to agree that they did a good job at getting the attention from Activision and the public by sparking rumors that it could be a Modern Warfare 3 reveal.

hassi942791d ago

@blitz stop acting so superior.

You've posted a comment so clearly you've given this submission hits and a comment so you're increasing the heat on it!

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-Superman-2792d ago

Every call of duty sells over 20 million...
So i guess you cant do nothing against it... 20 million every year and it grows always

doctorstrange2792d ago

Live action shorts, can't wait

NJShadow2792d ago

I skip Call of Duties in-between Modern Warfares, or games developed by Infinity Ward, so I do get a healthy break between titles. Bring on Modern Warfare 3! >=D

HappyGaming2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

hmmm me too really...


Kind of how ND release an Uncharted game every 2 years but I just don't feel that Infinity put much love in their game they are really greedy.

After the multimillion sales you would think they could afford to release some free map packs or spend some time on a better engine :/

rlm412791d ago

I much prefer Treyarch versions as Zombies is one of my favourite CoD things.. But that's just me.

peowpeow2791d ago

As do I, nazi zombies was the reason for many great gaming sessions with friends but regardless I haven't purchased MW2 or BO

lugia 40002792d ago


For people that actually thought that, they are idiots.

wicko2792d ago

Why do we care when BF3 is coming out? :O

guigsy2792d ago

You care enough to post a comment, you and many others who supposedly "don't care".

wicko2791d ago

well, yeah, there are varying degrees of caring and in this case I care very little.

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The story is too old to be commented.