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I loved Killzone 2; in a world full of "me-too" first-person shooters, it etched its own unique feel and personality into the genre that was undeniably its own. Its presentation was second to none, with gorgeous-yet-bleak browns and greys combining with poignant audio tracks to immerse the player in an experience unlike any other. Killzone 3 tries to take the series a step further, but awkwardly stumbles along the way and falls into a heaping pile of mediocrity.

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2fk2879d ago

woah! now a 6/10 that's ridiculous guys c'mon

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Pixelated_Army2879d ago

what else did you expect from a site called lol

It's obvious that they're whoring for hits by intentionally giving it a low score. It's all about mouse clicks and ad revenue these days.

xtremeradn3ss2879d ago doesn't have ads

krisq2879d ago

Pleeeease, click, click, click. This is reeeeealy honest review and it's not made for hits. Pleeeeeeease, click it.

krisq2879d ago

I guess some do not understand sarcasm. Go outside, talk to people.

Optical_Matrix2879d ago

I was agreeing with MV Generals comment until he said the US was the greatest country in the world. By who's standards. That comment you made is WHY the US gets hated on as much as it does. It's people (like yourself) seem to think it's the greatest nation on earth with no flaws, when in fact it has one of the most dated, and flaw ridden socio-economic models in the western hemisphere. No wonder China is walking all over you guys and all you can do is take it up the ass and keep shut, latching onto whatever you can before they go in for the economical K.O.
Nothing wrong with loving your country. I know I do. And the U.S is an amazing country. Would love to work in the graphic design industry over there some day, but PLEASE get over yourself.

Anyways on topic, I'm not even gonna call bias. Because although I think this game deserves a 9/10, after the scores I see Halo games and CoD games receive, I'm too busy enjoying the game to give a flying fuck what the haters think. Killzone is one of those controversial franchises and I don't think (much to my dismay), that it will ever be relieved of the pre-emptive hate that it receives. It's a great FPS experience that gets way more epicly right, than it does fatally wrong.

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edwineverready2879d ago

really a 6/10? that is just so much bs.

clank5432879d ago

Totally agree. Even if you don't like FPS games, this game is no less than an 8.

hoops2879d ago

Now I could give a rats ass about review scores because its one persons opinion and like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink...
But this score is just plain wrong. Honestly.

Boody-Bandit2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

A quality game is a quality game regardless of personal opinion. That is the problem with blogosphere and the rest of the gaming tabloid journalist today. They pretend that their lame excuses out weigh quality vs personal preference.

I myself am not into RPGs but I know damn right well that games like Mass Effect are quality titles through and through. Quality is quality, PERIOD and Killzone 3 is a QUALITY TITLE.

Anything below an 8 is flat out ignorance / please give my site hits, I need the foot traffic so I can possibly get some advertising dollars.

GG are pushing incredible visuals, sound, fantastic voice acting (check the roster), great online modes, a nice paced and variety driven campaign mode, excellent use of move implementation and 3D. Give it an Fn rest you lame ass losers looking for hits. Killzone 3 does not deserve trash reviews like this.

It does not bode well for real gamers that don't want rinse and repeat, cookie cutter sequels, with next to no innovation and being DLC'd to death. Trolls and fanboys please look elsewhere. I am talking to the real gamers. They are the true minority on this site.

Bathyj2879d ago


A review is not an opinion.

Its supposed to be a gauge of quality.

A Bingo caller is not giving his opinion of the balls he's pulling out, he's reporting the exact numbers to you.

Given there is not exact gauge for quality, a little leeway is expected, but to many reviewer are tuning up for the job with baggage they've carried with them sometimes for years.

Anyone who starts a review with "after years of delays" or "Dubbed Sonys Halokiller" has already made up there minds about certain things rather than just reporting on the quality if the game.

And besides, I just finished the game and a 6 is just flat out wrong. How about best controls on a console FPS ever. Why not a point up for that?

callahan092879d ago

"How about best controls on a console FPS ever"

There ya go! I haven't been reading any praise about the controls either, but the controls are glorious. I usually tend to avoid console FPS games because I'm a PC gamer and have been playing my first-person games on PC since Ultima Underworld (yeah, that long ago). I just have a hard time translating that experience over to a controller, sometimes. Killzone 3 does a fantastic job of offering a variety of control inputs from the standard twin-stick to the Move implementation, and both ways are executed better than any other of their kind that I've ever experienced.

The game is breathtaking visually, and yeah that's also coming from a hardcore PC gamer with an HD 5870 gpu who plays every game on the highest settings at 1080p, the story has some cool heroics and political intrigue and some damn good acting, the set-pieces and action and pacing of the game are a ton of fun and engaging, and just in general it is absolutely one of the best FPS campaigns I've ever played on a console, and so all the criticisms I've read about the campaign and lack of praise for the things that it does so damn well, are infuriating.

As a developer myself, I have a hard time accepting such unfair criticism of any game because the work involved and the talent required to produce something of this quality is just off the charts and to just nit-pick at it and fail to give it the credit due is an insult.

FailOverHero2879d ago

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, nobody is stopping any of you from starting your own gaming blog and spreading your own opinion of the game.
I certainly won't argue with anyone that doesn't like a game that I like, it is silly to assume everybody is gonna love Killzone 3

Rynx2879d ago

Geez dude Just buy a PS3 already!

Boody-Bandit2879d ago

Seriously, trolls like failoverhero and tiring.

FailOverHero2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )
This guy has a ps3 but that didn't make him love killzone 3, still gave it a 6

Bathyj2879d ago

Yeah, everyone entitled to their own opinion.

Including me.

This guys wrong.

lee_ten2879d ago

guys, report him as spam. seriously, stop giving him attention.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

''Is it good enough to finally shut Halo devotees up, or does it add fuel to the fanboy flame war? *3.1.11''

This is the evidence why this kind of sites and specially this type of Users/Authors must be ignored.

Game Journalism is dead.

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