Deus Ex: Human Revolution Pokes Fun At Final Fantasy

Siliconera: I’m not sure if this reference will be in the final game, but the build of Deus Ex: Human Revolution I played had a little Final Fantasy joke.

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ChronoJoe2786d ago

b... bu... but final fantasy 7 is the best rpg of all time D: /s

MaxXAttaxX2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

While it is true that FF7 is not the best RPG or FF game of all, they never made fun of FF7 or even mentioned it in the article.

They described the character in the in-game poster for Final Fantasy 27 as a "Gothic lolita" (which doesn't sound like she would belong in a FF game anyway).
They just put Cloud on the thumbnail picture because they probably thought it represented all FF in general.

ChronoJoe2786d ago

Heh. I only read the title :) although it's the articles responsibility to accurately relate to the articles contents...

Also I only used 7 as an example as it's what people consider the best FF game, usually.

limewax2786d ago

I think we all have different favourites. 7 is one of mine but oddly enough 8 is the top of my list. Doesnt make it better than any of the others though

RedDead2780d ago

More than likely in the year 2027 we'll have FF 15...16 if we're lucky, S-E take long to develope FF's and it's only going to take longer when the next gen arrive's...

mickaelmc2786d ago

That's a video for Infamous 2, not Sly 4. WTG.

..and why the hell did they send me here to tell you?

CLOUD19832786d ago

FFXXVII till 2027 eh? no way this happening SE release new FF every 4-5 years.. in 16 years from now it will be a miracle if they release more than 4-5 new FF, but the point is not how many new FF we r going to see till 2027 but if any of those games will be worth our times.. I dont have a prob to buy and play an FF game even when I will be past 40 but at least make something good damn it... the last good FF I play was FFX 11 years ago.