Fable III DLC: Traitor's Keep Review

Gamertag Radio writes: "Our friends over at Lionhead studios have put together another nice batch of add-on amusement to your Fable III adventure. The DLC, Traitor’s Keep, will be available today, March 1st, for 560 Microsoft Points via Xbox Live. Now, I definitely give this DLC credit for being longer and more in-depth than the previous, Understone. It’s a multi-part add-on that involves several bits of traveling while maintaining a central theme."

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Sean Ryno2787d ago

If you like Fable a lot, then you will probably like this 2-3 hour addition.
If you're not really into Fable 3, then this isn't gonna get the fire ablazin'.

The End.

Am I the only one who wants the simple review SCORE? I understand they want us to read and all, but most of us haven't the time for that sort of bologne. If I am interested enough, I will read it. Otherwise gimme a quick numerical score.

aPerson2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I didn't really like Fable 3, but I liked the DLC. Odd...