Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ruined by Marvel vs Capcom 2

Gamesradar: We’ll entertain all your gripes and criticisms about Marvel vs Capcom 3, but one complaint we simply won’t allow is anything pertaining to the new music. Do you have any idea how good you've got it? Oh... you haven’t heard the music in Marvel vs. Capcom 2?! An acapella Nickleback song would’ve been an improvement over the biodigital, Mario Paint jazz ensemble that scored two world’s fate ten years ago. But guess what? Now we kinda miss it… BACK IT GOES!

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Warprincess1162840d ago

Im srry to say this but MVC2 music suked. MVC3 music is way better

rataranian2839d ago

I think people just expected 100 characters. And forgot like we live in the year 2011 so you know that everything made now is made cheaper with expected add on content for the extra rape. You have to expect that. Nothing will change it either. Just wait until the standard editions of games are all digital and still cost $100. It's the way things go.

Ponurasky2839d ago

I hate the music form MvC3. I find those jazzy tunes from MvC2 far more enjoyable, however they don't fit MvC3 at all.

Anyway I find music form first MvC the best. Those oldschool-arcade tunes rocked.