PixelJumpers: Bulletstorm Review

Bulletstorm is the equivalent of a summer blockbuster; it’s beautiful to look at, packed with tons of explosive, in your face excitement and is over before you know it. It succeeds in bringing something fresh and new to a genre that is filled with military shooters who quite frankly take themselves to seriously. Bulletstorm is a sadistically over-the-top, chaotic shooter that manages to do something that many shooters no longer do and that is to be pure fun. It’s a game that revels in being just that and is the reason we all became gamers in the first place, so play it love it and let’s hope we can look forward to more fun-filled shooters in the future, because I’m tired of all the seriousness already.

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2fk2787d ago

love the game...and waiting for gears!!!!

NovaXz2787d ago

Gears is looking really good. Looking forward to the Beta.