Microsoft's Xbox LIVE trick up its sleeve for GDC is...

XMNR: Microsoft's "E" teased an announcement earlier today that many Xbox LIVE users had been requesting that was not related to expanding the friends list. We knew it wasn't game related as Major Nelson had already said no new game announcement until E3 in June. So what was it? Something that Examiner's Matt Furtado broke two days ago.

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Nitrowolf22785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I don't own a 360, but i was still expecting something else especially since we knew about this a couple days ago.

i guess it's good news for those users who wanted one of those names.

antz11042785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

How does this garbage get approved? Its a duplicate of a story on the main posted 8 hours earlier!

Jockamo2785d ago

hope buttlickmadness is now available...!

citan2785d ago

Sunrise is a huge news in Microsoft's world.

ChrisGTR12785d ago

oh shit i almost clicked the link. guys DONT CLICK the link, the site is full of with an absurd ammount of spam and popups.

Surfaced2785d ago

Examiner? While I dislike their site (mainly the cumbersome, archaic image gallery system), there are no popups or spam.

ChrisGTR12785d ago

dude the examiner is one of the only sites where ive had actual popups and it was more than 2. im boycotting it after that last visit

Beefstew4u2784d ago

Just an unobtrusive banner ad at the bottom. Not really a big deal.

lee_ten2785d ago

chris is right. i work there so i'm going to make a note about these ads.

Kon2785d ago

Never heard of ADBlock? Welcome to the internet.

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The story is too old to be commented.