Catherine gets first US media — Scrawl

First screenshots and trailer for the US localization of Catherine.

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TronEOL2791d ago

Can someone please tell me the point of this game? Like, is climbing blocks and socializing the only thing you do in this game?

Redempteur2790d ago

it's a puzzle game with social elements and multiple endings made by a high profile team for their first next-gen game.

you can wait for this title because :
- you like the team behind it
- you enjoy puzzle games
- you want to see how the mess the main character is unfold night after night

the sexy parts aren't much and aren't even the meat of this game..

PS3GamerFix2791d ago

Dude... Trust me I have no freaking idea why this game has people all "excited".... oh wait.... nevermind :P

But seriously, i don't get it either.... Is it a more japanese version of leisure suit larry or something.... that's what all these N4G shots associated with news articles tell me.