New Blizzard Game Announcement at BlizzCon 2011?

Blizzplanet starts the rumor mill that Blizzard Entertainment might be preparing to make an official announcement about a brand new game. The Anaheim Convention Center's schedule reveals Blizzard has secured the entire facility in comparison with previous BlizzCon events.

The last time Blizzard secured an extra Hall was for the Diablo III panels and demo stations. Could securing extra space mean a new game announcement?

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Medievaldragon2786d ago

I'd love to hear about StarCraft: Ghost. It's been mentioned a few times the past 3 years by Rob Pardo.

Kon2785d ago

Oh, this^ I think the game was cancelled.

Medievaldragon2785d ago

StarCraft: Ghost was never cancelled. The word used was Postponed which means: "to put off to a later time".

A cancelled game is done. It never gets released. An example, Warcraft Adventures.

StarCraft: Ghost on the other hand will be on sale at a later time in the future with no ETA.

Zinc2785d ago

Could be the WoW successor.

Would be nice if it were a completely new IP that was not an MMO. But, unlikely.

Kran2785d ago

They better. BlizzCon looked like a downer last year.

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