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"When the name Ys is mentioned in video games, most of you will probably just scratch your head wondering just what exactly it is. I mean, the title doesn’t really tell you that much does it? Ys I&II is a Japanese RPG that was originally released on the PC-Engine CD-ROM in 1989 and was made by Nihon Falcom and Hudson Soft. A year later, it was released as Ys Book I & II on the TurboGrafx-CD in North America. Since this time it has been released on the PS2 (Japan only), Wii’s Virtual Console, the Nintendo DS, and finally the PSP." - JPS

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ShadyDevil2841d ago

Not bad review, but I would have expected more for a title that has essentially two games.

MightyMark4272841d ago

Enjoyed the Oath of Felghana but not this game though =/ It feels very dated to me

jbl3162841d ago

Seems like a game I would play if I owned a DS.