GameTrailers: Gears of War 3 - Multiplayer Beta Preview

Dust off those lancers and get ready for some all-new Gears of War multiplayer action.

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2fk2877d ago

gears 3 = literally an EPIC contender for GOTY...cant wait!

multipayer2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I don't think there has ever been a Epic game that I havn't referred to as epic. I had my doubts about Bulletstorm, but even it is has a epic singleplayer and one of the most epic horde modes I've ever played.

2fk2877d ago

im referring it to being epic because Gears of war 2 got me back into gaming and i've been waiting for a sequel for almost 3 years now....c'mon really this game is going to be amazing it's been in development for 3 years bro!

multipayer2877d ago

gears 2 online made me quit xbox live. That wasn't so epic. :(

Hopefully this beta brings back the good times I had with part 1, before matchmaking made it a waiting game.

KillerBBs2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

False advertisment! Once again Epic is Rolling on a super computer and not the 360.

Gears 1 had better graphics on the characters.
Gears 2 had better graphics on the maps.
Gears 3 looks good so far but the frame rates are too high for the 360.

malandra2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

not much of a graphic update from the first Gears, isn't it?

I mean it's a little better but hardly looks like two games released five years apart

anyway, I love Gears and I'll be playing it for sure

bluegreenman2877d ago

seriously? the game is way better graphically...

malandra2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

let's hope they don't release it with broken MP this time

yakuzakazuya2877d ago

I'm having a blast with Bulletstorm, can't wait for Gears3!

nightmarex1212877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

oh now that is awesome

Inside_out2876d ago

C'mon now...what game can even compare to those ridiculous is the gold standard for tps's....ripping the guys arm off and beating him with it FTW...