Crysis 2 Makes PC Gamers Sad

The demo for Crysis 2 from EA developer Crytek seems to have a few low-points according to at least one PC gamer. Suffice it to say that the majority opinion from more “serious” PC enthusiasts is that the game has been significantly “watered down” for console gamers.

What are your thoughts?

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2fk2841d ago

Crysis 2 makes all of us sad...

Army_of_Darkness2841d ago

I heard that when the original crysis was out on pc. Not much people were able to enjoy the game on the highest settings, so when crytek puts out crysis 2 with lower settings so more people can enjoy it for its full potential(somewhat) people cry that its been watered down as if all of a sudden every pc fanboy suddenly has a pc that can run crysis at full settings?!?! Gtfo!

bwazy2841d ago

Its not even the graphics. The gameplay is horrible. I wouldnt care if it looked like MW2... At least that played properly in its prime.

inveni02840d ago

I hear ya. You have some disagrees now, but it won't be long before everyone learns what you're talking about. Crysis 2 is another mediocre experience at best. A perfect example of Graphics != Gameplay.

teething2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Sigh... Gamers complain crysis requires too much hardware and few can play it.

They make crysis 2 more accessable to the average pc, and release a demo that 'everyone' can run, and they complain.

Stop pirating games, and then get back to me.

The_Count2840d ago

Doesn't bother me to much. I'm upgrading my PC for BF3 this year and that's the only reason really but at least I'll get to enjoy other great games like Portal 2.

2v12840d ago

the first crisis didnt appear on consoles thats why was max out, this is on consoles as well so crytek puts out crysis 2 with lower settings ,look like a console is holding back games been made..whonder wha...

chainer30002840d ago

honestly. i've run the dev build... er.. seen it run.... on a Asus G73 w/ 12GB DDR and a 480M at max, and it looks gorgeous. The gameplay isn't much fun, they did a good job making the powers more streamlined but by doing that they also make the suit less diverse - i feel less empowered. The aiming is crap, the hit boxes are all off, and the weapons need some revamping because they dont quiet handle right. All minor tweak fixes...

and this was the dev build from Jan, so i imagine all these issues will be fixed. I don't understand the graphical complaint people have for the PC - it looks outstanding, easily one of the best looking games thus far.

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HolyOrangeCows2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )


Always so quick to blame consoles.
Oh no! He had go to the options menu and click aim-assist off! Poor guy...I hope he eventually recovers.

This is all those darn consoles' fault! It's because of consoles that you have log into gamespy, open up the browser, and windows made a boo boo while trying to play it.

Oh, that's right.....none of that makes a freaking sense! Stop trying to blame consoles for every game that doesn't go the way you want it. Accept that the casualization of gaming is due to this generation becoming more involved with technology, even if we never saw a Wii it would still have been inevitable. I'll bet you're playing Farmville between bouts of tears.

In all fairness, I DID just read a different article that discusses the more serious issues (unlike this stupid video), like poor settings options, texture issues, low player counts, etc. But you know what? You still can't blame the consoles for Crytech being lazy with the PC version.

hoops2840d ago

It's Crytek AND the consoles fault. TOGETHER.
Crytek's fault for bowing down to make a game that fits into the console pattern of hardware, that is obsolete.

Ducky2841d ago

^ Why not? It makes for a good scapegoat.

PS3 users will complain that the 360 is holding games back.
PC users will complain that consoles are holding games back.

I am not part of the problem, someone else is.

Trevonn2840d ago

360 held this whole generation back lol notice "STARES AT DVD"

ATiElite2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Actually I'm too bust playing DOWIIR to even care about Crysis 2 but I had to take a break and seen this on my other screen.

Once the "crack' hits all that registering crap goes out the window. It's obvious that Crytek gimped C2 to be a console experience. The AI is totally stupid along with cheesy predictable game play. Now C1 was no master piece as far as game play but it was more intense than this. The MP sucks even worse now than C1.

The nail in the coffin for me is Crytek saying Crysis 2 will not be released with full DX11 features but get full DX11 during an update! WTF!

I say No thanks! Crytek you can keep your bullshit game. "Press Start" to remove Crysis from Pre-Order.

humbleopinion2840d ago

Of course it makes us sad - knowing that we'll have to shell out some money to be able to run this amazingly looking game at max settings.

Welshy2840d ago

PC demo is terrible. im comforatbly above "minimum requirements" yet it runs like a piece of crap????

i at least expected it to be better than the 360 demo but it appears it doesnt want to work at all (for me at least)

lobbys NEVER start and when it looks set to its countdown glitches, counts to 1 then just keeps beeping without starting a game.

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awiseman2841d ago

Im beginnig to think that. Unless Crytek is hiding the true game.

comradestalin2841d ago

An approval would be nice here, guys.


saint_john_paul_ii2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

LOL saw this on neogaf HAHHA

seriously though cant believe that crytek would actually turn their backs on the PC gamer this way.

Spydiggity2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

all they are doing is ruining their name. the main thing crysis had going for it, that nobody who wasn't a fanboy could deny, was that they had the most visually appealing engine out there. the best looking game 3+ years after release. they could have set a new bar. instead, they gimped it to make extra money by releasing on console. and the console only gamers don't even appreciate it anyway. it's a lose/lose.

really looking like the MP shooter of the year is going to be Brink.

klado2841d ago

Dude, your comment sound too elitist and ignorant not to think about a wider margin of people for the sake of having cute graphics...

Money > Graphics, do you get it?, why do u even think they went Mult.

klado2841d ago

Thanks for leaking it LOL