GameInformer: Beyond Good & Evil HD Review

If you’re among the majority of gamers who didn’t play Beyond Good & Evil when it originally came out for PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube, you have no excuse for passing up its new form. Even if the great gameplay, the spot on GameInformer's top 200 list, and general adoration isn’t enough to pull you in, keep in mind that Ubisoft is probably looking at interest in this rerelease to help determine how much support they give to the long-overdue sequel. Even if Beyond Good & Evil doesn’t rank higher than 200 for you, the franchise deserves a shot at something greater.

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Balt 2814d ago

Oh, please. This game is just as boring now as it was then. 9.25, really? In this day and age. Sure thing. Hell, it got a higher score now than it did then. Lunacy.

StarScream4Ever2814d ago

Question now is "Will people FINALLY buy this?"

nskrishna22814d ago

The game got boring for a while but other than that its a great game. Jade feels like a long lost friend that we meet again. One of my fav characters