GameInformer: See How Killzone 3 Plays with Move

GameInformer sat down to play the newly released Killzone 3 using Sony's motion controller. Watch the full video, complete with their editors' commentary track.

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cochise3132789d ago

It plays awsome. The sharpshooter goes perfect with it.

darksied2789d ago

This is true, it apparently does work well. I can't speak for the sharpshooter, but my brother and I play online, and he has a move on his ps3 and I don't; he consistently (meaning 80-90% of the time) has a better score than I do. And this is without him tweaking his settings.

vsr2788d ago

I want 3rd party games with move :-
Es 5 skyrim
Dark souls
COD 8 ...etc

cochise3132788d ago

I wasn't that good with move until the sharpshooter. It adds more accuracy.

HolyOrangeCows2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

After a lot of tweaking, it works pretty well.

I'm still getting used to making broad movements, though. The smaller movements like lining up a headshot work a lot better, though.

Oh please. One look at your comment history shows how much of a troll you are. You didn't buy Killzone OR Move for your nonexistent PS3.

BattleAxe2789d ago

The guy should have made the dead zone smaller.

christheredhead2789d ago

once you tweak your settings to your play style the move is extremely accurate. i didnt expect it to work so well but man now i prefer to play with move only.

YourCall2789d ago

Seriously, I bought the sharpshooter and played through the entire demo with it. I hated it, I really don't know why people keep say it's super accurate and all, it's not.

I took it back and bought another game with the 40 bucks. You can also notice in the video that a lot of times this dude was inaccurately spraying bullets everywhere.

The biggest reason I took it back though wasn't the lack of accuracy, I figure I could probably get better over time, but because my arms were killing me, I knew I wouldn't be able to use it for any sustained amount of time. Maybe it's just me, but I enjoy the game much more using the DualShock controller.

callahan092789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Did you try it WITHOUT the Sharpshooter? Just the Move in one hand, the Nav in the other? Because I loved it that way but hated it with the Sharpshooter. I think what I hated most about the Sharpshooter was that holding a gun made me feel like I'm playing with a light gun, and my tendency was to try to aim at the screen as though it were a light gun game from back in the day, but since you also have 360 degree control over the camera, you can't rely on that for control. When I aim up at the guy in the upper left corner, then I also have to aim back DOWN because the camera shifts and then the guy is no longer up in that corner, he'll be in the middle of my screen. So it doesn't control intuitively. But if you don't use the sharpshooter and just treat the Move in your right hand as a camera control and cursor, and don't treat it like a gun that you're looking down the sights of, it becomes VERY intuitive, comfortable, and for me even more accurate and user-friendly than the Dualshock.

So my conclusion is: for Killzone 3, Move = Amazing, Sharpshooter = Crap.

YourCall2788d ago

No I didn't I'll give that a shot thanks Callahan09. :)

MGRogue20172789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Stick with the DualShock 3 controller.

The Best way to play Killzone 3.

zootang2789d ago

Some people like a more authentic feel to a shooter.

duplissi2789d ago

i understand what your saying but even move with the sharpshooter is a far cry from actually wielding an assault rifle, lmg, sniper rifle, and a rocket launcher.

its too far removed to even remotely replicate the experience.

zootang2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

A lot more realistic than a control pad. I'm merely stating some people like a more authentic feel than a control pad.

El-Fenemeno12132789d ago

its about preferences. And tomorrow i'll try out the sharpshooter to see which is my preference

specialguest2789d ago

When you get a chance to try it with the sharpshooter, it will take a while to adapt. You might get frustrated and feel like it was a waste of money, but be patient. Give yourself some time to adapt, and you might like it a lot.

gamingisnotacrime2789d ago

after an hour or so, my wrist kinda burns, just like the burn after driving in GT5 with the wheel, is a welcome feeling :)

Bathyj2789d ago

The DS3 doesnt even compare to Move. It CANT compare.

You cant headtrack a moving target while running in a different direction while not even FACING the target with a DS3.

You cant even do that with a mouse.
With a Move you can.

And you cant fire off a snapshot to the side with anywhere near the accuracy of the Move with a DS3. You might hit target if you're good.
With Move we're talking snapshot headshots.

Move needs a new Solider of Fortune game so I can start picking off individual body parts.

It does make melee attacks so much more satisfying as well.
Bring on Manhunt 3.

YourCall2789d ago

@Bathyj - Dude, that is simply not true. You should be ashames misleading people like that.

Bathyj2789d ago

Care to elaborate.

You dont just call me a liar and not bring any info to back it up.

Put your cards on the table.

Dead_Cell2789d ago

It's simply true, with the move you control your gun with the pointer and move with the analog as a seperate entity, Dual Shocks don't work like that, your gun is always centered.

hazbaz2789d ago

After finishing the campaign with Move, I don't think I could ever go back playing with the DS3. It's that good.

sickbird2789d ago

Out of the 3 control options (ds3,move,sharpshooter) i prefer the move by itself. I just cant seem to get the hang of the sharpshooter plus its annoying after a couple games. The stand alone Move controller just feels so natural.

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