Nintendo's 3DS: How the Internet has ruined the joy of discovery

In a world where the Internet spoils everything, how do you maintain a sense of childlike wonder and joy?

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JamesDeRosa2790d ago

The Internet ruins and improves the same time!

choadley2790d ago

Maybe kids still have some sense of childhood joy when it comes to finding a new game. Letting kids have 24/7 access to the Internet so they can see every trailer that comes out seems like bad parenting.

TruthbeTold2789d ago

I knew all about Super Mario Galaxy by the time I played it, and yet the first time I took off running and jumped off of a planetoid only to spin around and land on the other side - to that music, I had the joy that is spoken of in this article. For me it's not about having the welcome screen unspoiled. It's about actually experiencing something amazing for the first time, regardless of what I may or may not have heard.

gumgum992789d ago

I hear ya. That's the beauty of the internet for ya. Its great for its instant access, but such power comes at a price.

You know what Uncle Ben would say...

DenyTheFacts2788d ago

I never watch unboxing videos because I know that it will ruin the element of surprise for me.
I never watch title screens of games that I want to play cause it will ruin it for me too