The Eye of Judgment Plastic Pack

This is merely a frivolous complaint -- but one PS3Fanboy had to voice! The Eye of Judgment pack, which includes the Eye camera will come in those annoying plastic sealed packages. You know, the ones that require scissors to open? They've nearly lost a finger (or two) trying to open these, and it's sad to see that in order to get their hands on Sony's upcoming card game, they'll have to risk yet another appendage. Hopefully, it'll be worth it.

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DrWan4132d ago

If you saw one of the screenshot, you can turn it off during tournament. So that will make things go faster. No worries, i told ya guys..

Real Gambler4132d ago

After all, I've you seen the monsters popping out of those cards??? If they ever start popping out in that plastic package, who know's what will happen!

Still a very cool and innovative game!

sloth33954132d ago

I dont know how a game site would let a post like this even go up. For someone to complain that they have to cut the camera out of plastic isnt news. Its just someone crying because it will take alittle longer to get it out of there.

DrWan4132d ago

read the whole thing..they were kidding

Relientk774132d ago

that pack looks sooo cool... they are doing a great job with the coverart, videos, and pictures/screenshots of this game... its really making me wanna buy it

Bigmac5734132d ago

Because it actually shows your what you're buying.

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The story is too old to be commented.