Rumor: $399 40GB PS3 Release Date Oct. 30th

Real Deal Gaming is sure you've all heard the rumor of the $399 PS3 its been going around the web for awhile now lately but even way back in July predicted by a Microsoft employee. Rumors have pegged an official announcement in October. So doing a little searching and making a few calls and putting all the information together Real Deal Gaming has come up with a well informed/unconfirmed/educated guess of when this rumored $399 PS3 would finally hit store shelves. Read on for the evidence.

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nasim4132d ago


ps3's global domination starts on the 30th


jackfatal4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

y all ps3 fans they have low rate of bubbles?? and all the 360 fans have 5 and above bubbles?
i think the 360 is starting a war on us! they dont want our voice to be heard just like the "American media" with those people or countries who they say they are bla bla bla!!

i think we should give bubbles to all ps3 fans at least till 5 bubbles!!
and subtract bubbles from the 360 fans like what they do to us and we dont even realise it!!!

EDIT superdude
and to u too:)

i wish i can help nasim but i dont know how!!!

superdude4132d ago

bubbl3s for you Jackfatal

sanderFVCKINcohen4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

So, wait, knowing that producing these so called supercomputers is very expsensive, and because of this,is the reason why they have been so stubborn in the past about lowering there prices....does this show they are desperate, or in other words FVCKED!!!???

Also, the only reason why more 360 fanboys get more bubles, because you fonyboys are the worst when it comes to fanboyism...or I should say the

EDIT: NASIM, once again I have to tell YOU...YOUR BURIED BRO, your 6feet deep, I cant see U, your history!!! go back to STELLA!!!

gerrard4131d ago

the reason why they reduce our bubbles is because they're scared of the truth about us praising the PS3 and praise the 360 (most of them M$ minions), hoping to put off would be PS3 buyers, without the effort of making an intelligent argument. I will do my bit to make sure for PS3 owners by adding a bubble for them (providing that the facts are correct and they make a reasonable intelligent comment), as for xbots who constantly slate off the PS3 without cause to do so they'll be getting less bubble from me

Armyless4131d ago

by zit-faced pubescent boy-childs. Then I have to remember that the rest of us are just dealing with children who think they run the show.

TheExecutive4131d ago

lol armyless... too funny, but sadly too true.

I think i will give you a bubble as long as you post something else that amuzes me... deal?

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ALMIGHTYPS34132d ago

Come'on over PS2 owners,we're waiting for you!,lets go!!


jackfatal4132d ago

than ps1 and maybe even more than ps2!!
it has potential but it needs a price drop and some good games and HOME and all will be fixed

jcgamer4132d ago

1. Spider-man 3 Blu-ray October 30
2. Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction moved to October 30
3. $399 PS3 release date October 30

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4132d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. Maybe they will also release a bundle for it?

heroman7114132d ago

that was a real great explanation from real deal gaming. makes perfect sense. woudnt be surprised if they were exactly right. i was also wondering y they delayed it for one week if the game is already done. it confused me.

miked8084132d ago

Now this is what I was waiting for.