Sony's NGP 'Dead On Arrival' and 3DS 'Gimmicky,' says Neil Young

It's becoming increasingly clear that gamers are playing on smartphones more and more and that these players are doing so to the detriment of traditional handhelds. One of the leading publishers on smartphones, ngmoco (now owned by Japan's DeNA), doesn't see a very bright future for the traditional portables. During a GDC interview, ngmoco boss Neil Young expressed his concerns about NGP and 3DS to IndustryGamers.

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donniebaseball2841d ago

I think a lot depends on how much Sony can leverage online and offer cheaper games like Apple's app store.

Agent Smith2841d ago

Neil Young the singer said this?

donniebaseball2841d ago

Haha. He's the CEO of mobile publisher ngmoco, and before that a long-time EA exec, if you didn't know.

ChineseDemocracy2841d ago

I actually tried to get into mobile gaming (iPhone), but the only games I actually enjoyed were the "casual" games such as Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled, Angry Birds, etc.

I need t3h buttonz!!11!!!!

NGP/3DS ftw.

darkdoom30002841d ago

I thought he was Young Neil from scott pilgrim XD

badz1492841d ago

save it to yourself neil!

AAACE52841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Smartphones offer good time wasters but true gaming cannot be achieved on a smartphone! It's just not as much fun.

However, the reason phone gaming is becoming popular is because the games are cheap and/or free! Regular gaming is getting very expensive. Due to the high prices, it's no wonder smartphone gaming is becoming popular and regular gaming is on the decline.

When I say decline, I mean we aren't getting as many games as we used to in past gens and gamers aren't buying as many games as they should!

Anyway, I don't think either handheld is in danger. Gamers will buy them because the games we love play best on them.

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Jio2841d ago

No, I'd rather have sony focus on hardcore expensive games than cheap worthless games I will play for 5 minutes and never pick up again

saint_john_paul_ii2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

yea their DOA /s

BTW, these are the games his company makes

LOL because these are the games i want to play on a smartphone.

NEWSFLASH!! smartphone games lack quality compared to PSP/DS games. And that Tend will continue with NGP and 3DS. on top of this i WILL NEVER play Smartphone games that have no buttons on it, that also inlcudes the Experia Play, because that experience is being implemented as well on the NGP, so i get 2 types of games on there.

playing Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, LBP, Killzone, Uncharted, etc will never be good on smartphones compared to dedicated gaming handhelds/consoles.

MultiConsoleGamer2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

"Dead on arrival"

He's just parroting the words of Michael Pacther. And we all know about his "accurate" predictions.

Thrallia2841d ago

I don't need to read this interview to know that this guy is totally out of touch with reality if he really believes what he says.

No one in their right mind could possibly think that gamers want nothing but $1-3 casual games over the type of games we'll be getting on the 3DS and NGP.

The type of people who do are not the ones who would buy a 3DS or NGP in the first place.

blumatt2841d ago

Well Said!! Anyone who wants a 3DS or PSP2 are going to people who had a DS and/or a PSP1. The market hasn't just magically disappeared just because people are increasingly buying cheap cell phone games. lol

nsnsmj2841d ago

The funny thing about all this, is that the NGP can still have those $1-3 games because it has a multitouch capacitive screen. Therefore casuals could still get their Angry Birds fix on. Same goes for the 3DS, though to a lesser extent since it has a resistive screen.

It's like he's ignoring that fact. The bonus is that the NGP and 3DS can also play full-fledged, hardcore experiences. That's something cell phone games cannot achieve, especially those made with touch screen only in mind. The Xperia Play is a step in the right direction.

Spinal2840d ago

Yep the Xperia Play is my next phone. I never had a psp or DS, so won't be getting the new ones. I do my hardcore gaming at home.

Casual gaming is great on a phone an i dont mean games like angry birds only fags play that.

I'm talking SNES, NES, Genesis emulators and roms and now PS One titles.

Tru_Ray2841d ago

This guy is hilarious. He claims that it is dead on arrival and yet many of us are planning on buying it on day one. I love how these "analysts" claim to know the market when the market is unpredictable.

Oh, and the NGP can play those cheap mobile games too last time I checked...

cochise3132841d ago

I think the NGP will fair pretty well. Of course The 3ds will outsell it, but The ngp will hold it's own and sell a nice amount of units. I'm going to buy the ngp.

sikbeta2841d ago

Going for the NGP, Day One if I have the money in time...

DragonKnight2841d ago

cochise313: "Of course The 3ds will outsell it"

-Winning lottery numbers. Cough them up.

matey2840d ago

3DS is the only portable worth owning end of it offers 3D and it has 2x picca 200 gpu's inside that have maestro 2G extention means insane graphics in terms of shaders and texture passes compared to ps3/wii/360 as the screens real estate is much smaller

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