Dear Crytek: Crysis 2 isn’t ready, delay it

Have you downloaded the new Xbox360 multiplayer demo and played some online matches? If yes, I’m pretty sure that you will agree with me on the following points. If not, read this before you download the demo.

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hardcore19124230d ago

PC gamers also not happy about the multiplayer demo. I wonder how the PS3 demo will perform??!!

teething4230d ago

I also think they made melee take more than one hit to kill.

hardcore19124230d ago

yes it's now take two melee hits to kill an enemy. But I guess they made this change because the game community requested it.

Pixelated_Army4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

So I guess we can finally put to rest all this talk about Cry2(con ver) crushing KZ3.

some of the gripes being made about the PC demo so far

- "Press start to begin"
- autoaim being turned on on default
- no advanced graphic settings, you can only choose predefined settings
- no DX10/11 in the demo
- temporal AA
- low-res textures (seriously, when even Black Ops have better textures than a game that should be a PC benchmark, then you know something is wrong)
- 6v6 multiplayer

overall: consolized game (demo)

ProjectVulcan4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

The consoles just screwed over the PC version sadly. Crytek have clearly been fishing for licensees of their engine on console, and stretched so thin, will launch an unfinished PC version, effectively designed for console and tossed onto PC as an afterthought.

I don't care if someone claims that there are no ports, its now blindingly obvious this game is built for console, and does nothing with PC's massively superior hardware.

Crytek simply bit off more than they could chew with 3 versions and now its coming back to bite them on the ass, the console versions are not even 1280 x 720, the PC version is not capable of exploiting the best hardware. Quite frankly, its a mess.

Delay it now, crytek.

Do not rush to launch this game just to try and sell CryEngine 3 to console developers. All you will be left with is a lot of extremely pissed gamers and a massive dent in your reputation.

WhiteNoise4230d ago


lol...even DX9 multiplats make KZ3 look like crap, that you think crysis 2 won't is insane.

The full game supports DX11 including tessellation. But as my pictures here don't need anything even close to that to make all console games look like low res, low res textured/shadows, pop in filled aliased, low FOV, low LOD 30 frames or less screen tearing filled pieces of $#!+ :D

Console games rarely even use HDR. That is so DX8.

nveenio4230d ago

I've had the opportunity to demo SP, and the SP experience is crap. The enemy AI is practically non-existent.

DigitalAnalog4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

As soon as I saw this title on the PC beta, I immediately knew.

F*cking sellouts.

-End statement

teething4229d ago


Sellouts? Or did the new reality of profitable game development, and hackers, push them to consoles?

I am sure the illegal leak of Crysis, and now Crysis 2 on PC has nothing to do with the move to consoles... ;-)

nickjkl4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

oh dam white noise your right

ps3 doesnt even use direct x

unlike the direct-x-box 360

after all direct x is owned by microsoft

but i still think crysis 2 is getting crushed by crysis being a graphical showcase you never hear people talking about the gameplay

Spitfire_Riggz4229d ago

6 on 6 multiplayer??? What the hell is this!!??

DaTruth4229d ago

When trying to make the point that DX9 looks better than KZ3, it is necessary that you show screenshots that you know... look at least as good as Killzone 3!

Maybe you should actually play KZ3 before trolling it in every post!

badz1494229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

"lol...even DX9 multiplats make KZ3 look like crap, that you think crysis 2 won't is insane."

saying KZ3 looks like crap is the sign of stupidity! although it's true that some games on high end PC looks better, being best looking on consoles, KZ3 is an achievement and we should give credits where it's due! Metro 2033 looks phenomenal on max setting PC, but average at best on 360, Crysis 2 is not up to the standard either on both console and PC, meaning that achieving what has been done in KZ3 is no joke!

Crysis 2 not ready is all EA's and Crytek's fault! don't come in here expressing your frustration by downplaying any other game especially KZ3 when it's obviously the benchmark that Crytek or any other fps dev at the moment are trying to beat!

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bluwulf4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

The hilarious thing here...

1. PC gamers are saying its gimped compared to PC benchmarks., and its clearly the case.
2. PS3 gamers are seeing & saying its gimped compared to PS3 benchmarks, and fearing for how terrible the PS3 Port of the 360 code will be...

3. 360 Gamers are saying this is the best/stunning subhd-blur fest multiplatform game they've ever played... compared to (whatever the 360's benchmark is... some unreal engine game)


Safe to say no DX11 support = no buy. Whats the point? Even if its IN the PC release, why does everyone have to get a sh5ty port of the game to try it out??? The PC demo isn't even close to Crysis 1. Wheres the old build of the game they've been showing out? The Demo is worse than the old captures/videos.

Thanks Microsoft, you sold a lot of consoles... Now gaming gets to be restricted by them! Luckily the PC community will find a way around this.. But the console versions have looked nothing close to what Crytek claimed was in game in the first place. Its clear that they are catering towards MS, I would to as a third party dev just looking for a payout, but stop with all the bullsh3t about how its going to raise the bar for everything ever. Hasn't and wont. End of this very sad tale. I would say that I'd have to cross my fingers for Dice, but dice delivered amazing versions of their game across all platforms.

Its like Crytek has hit the walls of the 360's hardware and are celebrating...

The ONLY good thing about this new engine. is it shows 360 owners what the hell they've been missing out on, hyping the dated unreal engine over and over. The engine is ages beyond it for sure... but just not benchmark quality compared to console / pc standards.

hellzsupernova4229d ago

well said its funny how the pc and ps3 community agree that this game does not push there respected platform to the limits.

im hopefully buying a gaming pc this month for battlefield 3 even though its not out for a while. and starcraft 2 which my laptop overheats during lol

mittwaffen4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

But with PS3 is it console not being used to its MAX.

PC they basically took any advancement since the GTX 260 and ignored the headroom we have.

Basically, they ported a console version to PC; HUGE difference in terms of wasted potential when compared to PS3/Xbox.

BF3 is a good example for a PC game and what it should look like today, looks FAR better then this POS port.

Jazz41084229d ago

Ps3 has barley a half of gig of memory and its split. Kz3 is a huge dissapointment and the 360 is maxed. It soounds like its about time fr the nex gen of consoles to see the light of day.

fossilfern4229d ago

Well said bluwulf. Since the start of this generation the PC has been getting sub par ports or a game franchise just gets gimped for the console, the best example for me is FEAR. FEAR 1 was outstanding in terms of graphics,AI, gameplay AND sound with the EAX support.

But FEAR 2 was a complete port of the 360 game, poor AI, bland gameplay, the sound of the guns sounded like pea shooters and also no EAX support, which alot of games dont have unfortunately.

Its sad because I miss the older days of PC gaming but I dont think we will see that again for a long time.

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solar4230d ago

PC version is also launching without DX11 support. so the so callled "lead platform" isnt being attended to like they claimed. like every other developer (besides Valve) that tells a segment of their consumer base all these promises and do not deliver. it's getting out of control. stupid greed :(

nickjkl4229d ago

there was no lead platform

i thought they were all being developed simultaneously

Kazu0 Hirai4229d ago

No dx-11 support = no buy. Crysis was so great, its really sad to see crytek sell out and drop the ball like this.

Maybe if dx11 is patched in by christmas i might consider getting crysis 2 during the steam sale. im expecting at least %50 off.

Sales for crysis 2 are going to be miserable at launch.

Welshy4229d ago

my specs are defo above their "minimum requirements" but it runs like crap!!!

i can barely aim its so jumpy, and thats IF (a huge IF) a game will start at all.

ive sat in lobbys that are full for 5-10mins and just left coz it wont start.

sometimes the countdown starts but reaches one then just bleeps over and over as though still counting =S

console FPS king my rectum!!

xAlmostPro4229d ago

Who knows how it'll perform but i was un-impressed playing on my buddys 360 and my pc gaming buddys are saying the PC version is crap.. I'll still try it on my ps3 but meh im not expecting much.

They should have made it PC exclusive, nobody can deny that it would have made more sense.

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multipayer4230d ago

Nice, it was all about motion blur and bad textures. Get used to it console fanboys, meanwhile it looks perfect and is very fun on PC. Although, I'll be a bit dissapointed if it has a player cap of only 16 or so.

immortal844230d ago

the biggest problem in the demo is the textures popin/out. It make the game look unpolished and hard to see faraway enemies. Also, the PC version won't support DX11 from day one, they will release it in a patch. The PS3 version has the lowest native resolution of the three versions. Every version has it shares of issues.

Megaton4230d ago

That's pathetic if it won't support DX11 at launch. The hell happened to Crytek? You'd expect them of all people to push DX11 as mandatory, or at least DX10.

saint_john_paul_ii4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

yea i just read that:

very dissapointing, but oh well, i guess we'll make due with dx9/dx10, for a while.

multipayer4230d ago

Yeah, not having an option like DX11 is a major game breaker. It is totally reasonable con over the console version which can't possibly support something that new. Also, the majority of peoples PCs that can't even run DX11 with a great framerate and would prefer DX9... So, much, mourning. I want 32+ players bitches.

SnakeMustDie4229d ago

Crysis 1 also had those popping but the draw distance is better compared to Crysis 2.

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danmachine4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

I didnt enjoy the 360 demo in the slightest.

I played 4 matches to give it a chance to grab my attention in some profound way but it just ended up coming up short in the fun department.

I went Back to playing the splinter cell conviction demo after that.

My gamertag is negativesoldier btw

outwar60104230d ago

lol i got conviction for under 10 pounds great buy

Pedobear Rocks4230d ago

Why would I have to get used to it? Crytek can shove their HAZE wannabe up their ass and I'll go back to games optimized for my system.


Shackdaddy8364230d ago

What do you expect from 5 year old hardware? Your not going to see any of that fixed until next gen...

outwar60104230d ago

halo reach killzone 2 +3 heavy rain and the god of war series says hello

dirthurts4230d ago

They say hello without realtime lighting however.

solar4230d ago

it's "you are"' or "you're"

--------4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

You're = You are.
Your = Your bag.
They're = They are.
There = Over there
Their = It's their car.

Elitists on their high horses still aren't literate enough to start a good discussion - "I'll just mention my graphics card and move on."

therapist4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

runs perrrrrfect on pc...looks so sexxy,,,DESTROYS every other game hands down graphically

looks so good and plays perfect

gameplay is awesome!!!

plb4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

Don't know why you get disagrees. Definitely best looking game out there.....PC version that is.

awiseman4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

Insane ps3 fanboys still think that KZ3 and UC3 look better than Crysis 1 and 2. Thats why they are disagreeing, I wouldnt be suprised if some of the ppl in here havent played the demo and are putting up BS stories of the gameplay sucking...

Trevonn4229d ago

or maybe because cryisis 1 looks better

starchild4230d ago

There is supposed to be a PS3 demo in a couple weeks. We'll see how that turns out. I still think the PC is where you should play this game if you have a choice. If you don't have a decent PC then of course playing the console versions is your only choice and won't be the end of the world.

thebudgetgamer4230d ago

but my pc is crap so consoles are my only option right now. thanks for the info.

Trevonn4229d ago

Athebudgetgamer hence your name lol