Forget Online Multiplayer, Give me Four TVs All in the Same Room

Nukezilla's Sam Jordan writes:

"The online play included in recent titles has become so integral to the creation and sale of videogames that it feels like we’ve forgotten how much fun playing games with people in the same room as you can be. As we play across the internet on Xbox Live or PSN, actually sitting and playing games with people across the same room seems to have fallen away."

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tdogchristy902815d ago

Amen! I miss the old days of 007 and halo, local split screen and LAN. I hate that online play is destroying that. I miss being able to simply play with friends in the same house or on the same tv. I wish they'd bring back local play.

wuerflein2815d ago

Welcome to PC gaming five years ago. Tragic what broadband has done to LAN groups.

wardrox2814d ago

Gaming is changing and I don't like it :(