Copying vs Learning

What's the difference between being a clone and being inspired by a game? Nerds on the Rocks writer takes a look at how to effectively borrow ideas from other successful games to craft a better experience.

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Alos883698d ago

"Nevermind that there has never been a game to bear any sort of resemblance to the critically-acclaimed Zelda series before this."
That's not exactly true, Okami shared several elements with the Legend of Zelda games.

tommyth3cat3698d ago

That was pretty clear sarcasm my friend.

Seeing as this article centers around Darksiders. I feel the need to add that it is a lot of fun and its a nice offshoot with a Zelda experience.

Varodor3698d ago

Learning not Copying
it's a good idea to remember

Quagmire3698d ago

Darksiders was actually a good game, despite it having similarities to Zelda and God of War. Its copying done right.

3698d ago