Guerrilla: Operations DLC for Killzone 3 is "Unlikely"

Seb Downie, a producer at Guerrilla Games, has answered fans questions about Killzone 3's future.

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PirateThom2787d ago

That's a shame, Operations Mode is awesome.

TheHater2787d ago

My favorite gamemode by far :(

norman292787d ago

Its fun if your the ISA and manage to get through each round, but if the HIG's manage to stop you first round its over so can be quite short and boring.

Nitrowolf22787d ago

that's why you need teamwork for this mode, you can't win without it. I've been in countless games in the snow level where my team (ISA) would just rush through the door ahead of the landing zone and keep going there trying to get as many kills as possible while ignoring the other routes to the directive. It's annoying seeing that, but it gets really fun once you advance.

No matter how many times i've seen that dam break apart, flooding the area and killing off the higs, it never seems to get old.

Zydake2787d ago

Wow that's terrible Operatios is my favorite mode as well. I just like it cause it shows cutscenes and I feel like wow I'm a part of this LOL it's corny but to me it's real damn it

pixelsword2787d ago

"Unlikely" isn't "no"; I'd wait or push the case in the forums.

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Soldierone2787d ago

For sure, its the coolest online aspect ive seen.

Kingscorpion19812785d ago

Its cool, but it takes way longer to level up. In Warzone you level up very quick and unlock more weapons and abilities!!

InFAMOUS12787d ago

If this is true, than I will can see myself selling my copy in the coming few months...Operations is the best part of the MP but with 3 maps it is already 95% stale. Such a shame! A new, great concept that get ZERO support from the dev that invented it.. Something is very wrong with this entire picture....

there are what... 12 warzone maps? but only 3 operations maps? Silly and stupid if ya ask me

-Alpha2787d ago

I think 10/12 maps offer Warzone. Kaznan Jungle and Blood Gracht are only for GW. All the Operation maps are available for all modes, but that's just 3/12 maps coming.

While I can understand that it's hard to make cinematics for Operations it's highly unfortunate that what is arguably the best mode they hyped had only 3 maps worked on, one of which I played so much already in the beta.

I really hope they rethink it.

InFAMOUS12787d ago

I agree Alpha!

The fact alone that frozen dam was in the beta so basically you only ever play 2 maps because no one ever votes for Frozen.. I am kinda confused by his response from both a gamers perspective and theirs.
For starters, why NOT juice up your DLC for ALL sides of the fence? I can promise you there are people who only play operations 90% of the time, these are people who would be willing to shell out 10 bucks for a map pack that has even one operations map attached to it...
Secondly from the devs stand point, I don't understand because this was their BABY! Like you said they were pimping operations mode out for quite some time, but only to shit on it when the game releases is a lil bi-polar if ya ask me.....
I can think of only 2 reasons for this.
1- They are tracking user stats and they are showing people are not playing operations in huge numbers like they hoped OR
2- If the VGcharts numbers are true and the game only pushed 500k worldwide first week than Sony is pushing back production of DLC to cut costs to make up for losses IF there are any....
Either way, I think for GG to completely ignore this portion of the game is a huge fail for a highly respected developer who has been known for listening to their fans! Let's hope they are listening now!

-Alpha2787d ago

I just think the entire game was rushed. Not in the sense that it was poorly developed-- it's polished and networking is fine for the most part, but there is a serious lack of content IMO, especially when you look at K2.

I feel that Sony rushed them to release the game early to support 3D+Move and to beat out the rest of the shooters. IMO Killzone could have spent 2 months more really giving us more content.

It's too bad, but I think I'll lose interest in this game faster than I imagined and I'm unsure of buying the DLC. For now it's all I can play

InFAMOUS12787d ago

I actually never thought of it like that!
Looking at it now the game could easily have had an extra 2-4 months for sheer content. Every time I turn this game on I am blown away by the amount of detail, scale, and GG's take on Helgan but I also feel underwelmed by the lack of content like you say.. There is this beautiful, massive, fun and visceral feeling to this game that drops quickly due to the lack of once again CONTENT!

Thats a great way of describing it! I have been trying to figure out what it is, and that sir is exactly what! Thanks ;)

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Nitrowolf22787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Thats just disappointing. Operation is literally the best Gamemode (IMO) out of the three game modes. One of the best things to ever happen to Killzone. Addicted to this mode.
Here i was hoping they would reveal Operation DLC being included with the next map pack.

I'm wondering if it would just be the size of the DLC.

Well Killzone 4 better have a lot more then just 3 maps

-Alpha2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I was going to report this news myself when I found out.

It's so disappointing that they just did 3 Op maps, one of which was already in the beta.

Warzone is screwed up in some maps because of TSAs, not all maps support even both GW and Warzone.

I was hoping to live off of new Operation maps.

This means all DLC will likely be one Warzone map and one GW that are mode-exclusive.

They need to make the maps playable in more modes, I hate that Operations is getting the axe, I'd even sacrifice cut-scenes or have them reuse exact cut-scenes from the ones they already have if it meant they can continue Operations.

I'm just mad they couldn't offer more Operation maps from launch. I still enjoy Operations but just 3/12 maps sucks.

Nitrowolf22787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Dude they should have allowed every map for all game modes.

Hopefully Custom games fixes that (not operation mode obviously)

I feel like they really dropped the ball here, DLC were my hopes for new OP maps, now they are not gonna support it, the best Game mode by many in the community.


yeah being a KZ2 vet, KZ2 had it's issue but at least it had content. I hope GG never again make this mistake with future KZ, i really feel like KZ3 MultiPlayer is a dumbed down version of KZ2 MP, even though game play and graphics are better, in terms of content

-Alpha2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

The GW warfare maps are cut off from the whole map, so I don't think they'll offer that. Likely most players are going to make really long Warzone games with just Bodycount available for maps that don't have GW.

They rushed the game. Most new fans don't notice how much more K2 had so they don't care but GG is getting an earful from K2 fans.

I feel like they really f*cked up and I think that they will just move on to their new IP. It's still a fun game, but it's not a game I think core fans will stick around for and COD fans will hop on to the next shooter, starting with Crysis 2 and then MW3. It's getting me worried. The game also has 200K players in my region so I really don't know what's going to happen to this game when DLC hits and other shooters like Brink start coming out. I was hoping to stick with K3 until BF3 but now I feel like getting Brink

Christopher2787d ago

While I'm no "fan" of KZ games and don't know what the difference is in the maps (yet to pop the disc for KZ3 in even), I believe you are a very level-headed person with a lot of good points Alpha. I hope you kind of keep leading by voicing your opinion about the game on the official forums. What they say now can change very quickly with proper community leadership backed up by the agreements of the rest of the community.

Warprincess1162787d ago

Awww operation is the best mode in that game. Why would they not make dlc for that.

xyxzor2787d ago

Had I known that, I prob wouldn't have purchased Killzone 3.

Spitfire_Riggz2787d ago

You know you are right.. 3 maps in a mode is disappointing..

Pixel_Enemy2787d ago

you would have passed up one hell of a good game then.

MajestieBeast2787d ago

*Picks up a torch* Wtf i should march down to their office and demand operations dlc!

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