Rumor: Sony Big Bang Announcement Coming October 12th

Sony supposedly has a big announcement on October 12th according to GamePro France. Until then, all we can do is speculate.

"Indeed, it seems that the dated October 12, 2007 one was chosen by Sony to make an enough important advertisement to be qualified in-house "big-bang""…

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Relientk774816d ago

i hope not that wouldnt be a "big bang" announcement ... in my opinion ... hope its something new they never shared b4 ...something brilliant

Maddens Raiders4816d ago

then my inside source would have predicted this to the tee. He actually said Ocober 15th for the new model though. Cool.

eXplotion4816d ago

-Price Drop
-New SKU Revealed
-MGS4/KZ2 Demo
-MGS4 or Rumble This Year
-New Game?

projectile4816d ago

I think they are going to announce they won the console war :P

But seriously I hope they announce something good about new and upcoming games! Thats what they need right now!

Cosmo4815d ago

Yeah probably the 40 Gig, just ignore the sensationalist garbage most tech news or media in general.

I think it would be great if a demo of MSG4 or KZ2 but I'm doubtful thou.

Oh and TheMart has joined the ranks of my ignore list

unleash bass4815d ago

maybe they're actually going to make something worth playing!

PS3n3604815d ago

Maybe they are planning a synchronized gang bang of sorts.

grifter0244813d ago

Hmm werent you guys angry and saying ohh not to long ago that Msoft is an idiot for having so many SKU's? Now we have how many ps3's out 4 and you guys dont complain talk about being hypocrites haha funny.

But in all seriousness hopefully the announcement it actually worthy of being called a "Big Bang" unlike some other announcements which were suppose to be groundbreaking but in fact noone really cared about Konami! Plus the new G4 announcement. Fingers Crossed.

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BIadestarX4816d ago

Can only be 2 things... new SKU and/or price drop.

pwnsause4816d ago

a new SKU wouldnt be a big bang at all instead a WTF SONY???? If its the 40gb sku at $400 dollars or that one rumored game that supposed to "save" the PS3, then its a big bang

bluebrad19744815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

It could mean there is an explosive nuclear device in every ps3 shipped to the U.S.. That woud explain why the protagonist in most Japanese games are always out for revenge.

Relientk774816d ago

i wonder what it is.... oh its soo exciting... im sooo curious

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SRuN44816d ago

Is this an announcement for Europe or the US? Remember Sony has given each region the control over what they do, and seeing how this comes from GamePro France I don't see this being an announcement for the US.

WAR_MACHINE774815d ago

I would have to believe it will affect North America because it can't just be coincidence that October 12 is the last business day of the silence agreement with the FCC

skynidas4816d ago

if true definitely the 40 gb ps3