IGN: GDC: Who the Hell Uses PlayStation Home?

There are 19 million PlayStation Home users, according to Sony. IGN's question is simple -- who the hell are they?

ComboBreaker4590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

The answer is: social gamers and journalists who aren't anti-Sony.

aceitman4590d ago

i use it and so do 27 of my friends and we use it to play games and hang out . do the bowling and all the mini game they have .. looking foward to 1.5 thanks sony .

norman294590d ago

Who the hell are they? how fucking dumb are you IGN, any logic person would know their clearly gamers that bought a PS3, not those little fairy people you see that tell you to write crap like this to try get hits.

morkendo234590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

had my ps3 since 2008 never once logged in HOME
psn yes. not into virtual world crap.hang out in real life social gathering.

Commander_TK4589d ago (Edited 4589d ago )

Why u don't hang out with friends in real life instead?

BK-2014590d ago

I'm sick of people spouting bull crap about paranoid sony fanboys when articles like this appear.

Deeloc4590d ago

i was just on HOME today alot of people still use it

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sikbeta4590d ago

Hmmm.... low news day on IGN or what the hell is wrong with that site? 19m people uses PS-Home, Great for them, enough said...

pain777pas4590d ago

Whenever I go on there I am suprised by how many are there. Havent went there in months though. People play games and hit on female avatars etc....

theonlylolking4590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

I use PShome occasionally.

edit:How does IGN have a 3 out of 3 stars on this site?

headwing454589d ago

I would go there alot more but it keeps freezing my PS3 after 20 minutes max, Sony should fix that.

Scary694589d ago

IGN I freaking use it morons, I go in there once in a while when they have new mini games to play. I hate IGN and wtf so this bs gets approved is being on me.

Zydake4589d ago

PS home has weird users I met people who only have 1 game after a year of having their PS3 0.0

Prototype4589d ago

Some of them are probably duplicate accts trying to sucker guys out of games/content. I've seen countless guys (playing female) throw the lesbian flag just to get people to give them acct info for games.

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Godmars2904590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

Just would like to take this time to point out that there's a scale model of a Macross/Robotech Valkyrie in the JP Home main plaza.

There is a F***ing Valkyrie in Home plaza.

This is the kind of stuff I wanted to see in Home. Virtual models of mechs and locations from games.

Will likely never, ever happen because of licensing issues. In the EU either.

Gotta love Harmony Gold...with a baseball bat...

Nitrowolf24590d ago

F i want that in the US Home Plaza
They did Killzone 3 theme that was pretty awesome

Kalowest4590d ago

"Who the Hell Uses PlayStation Home?" LMAO that's what i want to know.

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Keith Olbermann4590d ago

I do. Not every day but two or three times a week.

Redempteur4590d ago

i Do

7 private home spaces in my account ..over 700 items and that's only one of my 3 HOME accounts ...

i think that's everything's fine ..

people go in expecting a game.. and then leave .. while some took their time to understand the thing and are loving what they found ..

Kalowest4590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

@MAiKU,Keith Olbermann,Redempteur

Sorry i never got into it. Home was boring to me, i would whether play a game.

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mr.selfdestruct4590d ago

Umm check the avatar that is my Home avatar. I go on every now and then to chat and bs at the end of the night its a graet way to meet new people and discuss gaming.

redsquad4589d ago

Why do you want to know? How would it affect you? Why would you care? If you found out, how would you be better off?

You, along with the pretentious snob who wrote this article, should actually grow up a bit and accept that Home is a worthy addition to online interaction.

I'm sure a lot of the people who bleat and whinge about Home have a Facebook page.. Hypocrites.

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Punch-o4590d ago

I just started back using home when they did that killzone 3 promotion.I thought it was pretty unique getting skill points for the game. Greg seem like he's not to fond of home though(listen to the podcasts). Greg has his mind made up about home regardless of all the great changes and improvements done in home.

edhe4589d ago

Is this the same Greg that's been discredited multiple times as any kind of actual journalist?


I'll stick with Ben Kuchera.

Tommykrem4590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

You get a lot of simple, casual games in PlayStation Home that you would otherwise have to pay for. Next to Microsoft's game room it's an incredibly good offer.

Also: This article isn't negative to PlayStation Home, it just answers the question. "hell" was probably inserted in the title to get viewers though. So it sounds aggressive.

saint_john_paul_ii4590d ago (Edited 4590d ago )

people are still put off of Home mainly because of the broken promises of it.

-No Trophy room

-No true game launching (what i mean by this is, some games take advantage of game launching, but most doesnt, it should of been required for all devs to use it who use multiplayer, like trophies.)

-you cant import your avatar to real games
, some scream for it, like that price is right, or Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, Heck even those move games, like Sports Champions.

-The Ability to use netflix or hulu within inside home so you can watch with friends in your homespace

-Live streaming of videos or in-game music from your xmb, like for example, using a home item, like a radio and playing your music there.

so why use Home? i understand why question it. it has lots of content and cool stuff, but the core stuff thats suppose to be there isnt.

Killzone 3 at Home was pretty cool and got people to use it, but after that, how much you wanna bet people deleted it or stopped using it after that event was done? i'd say many.

Home would of been the best place to go, in fact, I would put my money, that Home would be the first thing people do when they turn on their PS3s if they had all those things i just mentioned.

i use home from time to time, but everytime when i log in i just get dissapointed. not seeing these things i just mentioned makes me ask myself, why am i using this? the midway was fun, while it lasted and of course you had to pay for tickets for it, unless you payed the full price on allowing the user to play all the things that the midway had for life.

Nitrowolf24590d ago

The trophy room is what i was excited about. i wanted video from XMB, but its understandable since they would have a hard time censoring pornography.

Music streaming is a must, same with Netflix and Hulu.

Tommykrem4590d ago

While I agree that it failed to deliver on a lot of its promises, people shouldn't judge it because of that. If you ask for cake and get pie, you might say that you didn't want pie, but at least you can't say the pie is terrible just because you wanted cake right? Same thing with Home.

Now if someone