Bungie Community Outraged Over Missing "XBL Public" Halo 3 Feature

Does the term "XBL Public" sound familiar to you? It might if you're a Halo fan who's been following Halo 3 since it was first announced. It certainly rings a bell to the millions of users, hundreds of which are now up in arms over a "promised" Halo 3 feature by Bungie, which is missing from the final game.

In November of 2006, 1UP interviewed Colm Nelson, a Halo 3 user interface designer, who talked about a Halo 3 online feature called "XBL Public." The feature would let players search for public custom games, via Xbox Live, which they could then join. Likewise, players would be able to make their own game party public, thus allowing other players searching XBL Public to join their game.

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dale14039d ago

its all about the dollar pay up now, microsoft didn,t say it it was bungie that will be there line on it
its called false advertising but no one will do any think about it will you

FordGTGuy4039d ago

because nothing in a game as definite until final. BTW Halo has always used the matchmaking system this way.

TheSadTruth4039d ago

the matchmaking system is fine, but what they told us would be included is a custom games list, for everyone to host their custom games or join (for the public)

right now you can only play with people through your friends list or recent players, and for those without many friends that play halo its hard to find a fun custom game to join

this wouldn't impact matchmaking in any form

The General4039d ago

First we found out the game runs natively at 640p, 80p below HD, and now it's missing features?

You know why? DVD9

I guarantee you that if they had Blu-ray, Bungie would have been able to have a lot more features and the game would have looked a whole lot better.

Now I'm wondering, although it has great gameplay, why did Halo3 get a perfect and some 9's?

Even with great graphics, Lair's only problem was controls and it got 6's and 5's? Even wii games with both last-gen graphics and terrible motion controls get higher scores.
Madden 08 (ps3) was high def and ran at 30fps but got crushed by reviewers.

That has to tell you something. Either Microsoft is paying of the reviewers to give Xbox 360 titles good scores or the reviewers are willingly biased.

In the end, PS3 will dominate and it's superiority will no longer be held back by the 360. Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 for the win.

Taker_1294039d ago

Well, another flaw to add to a game full of flaws, but reviewers say it's perfect.

JsonHenry4039d ago

What about Blu-Ray allows you to do more with visuals? It is just a storage medium...

TheSadTruth4039d ago

I sort of agree with The General, something must be limiting Bungie from making a better quality game in terms of graphics.. either the Xbox 360 isn't powerful enough or it's the DVD file size. I almost wish they would make a game for a PC where they have no limits to see what they are capable of.

power of Green 4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

The game gets reviews so high because of Halo being an better overall package and is more useful and fun to gamers than most games.

I think the way the game looks has more to do with its advanced features than anything else(Movie mode makes the graphics better than when you see them in the game playing Halo 3).

Sure processing being spread out has to do with Halo's looks too(reason WarHawk looks like sh*t large maps)

No ones paying reviewers to destroy Sony no ones biased. Sony conditioned the world with BULLSHIT when infact the games are less complex often can not match the 360 and are all show and no flow.

Lair scored what it did because they thought it was sh*t it looks like sh*t with ok to pretty good graphics.

Then he posts...

"In the end, PS3 will dominate and it's superiority will no longer be held back by the 360. Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 for the win"

The 360 is holding the PS3 back?, the 360 had nothing to do with Lair, Heavenly Sword, RFOM, MotorStorm. PS3- this supposed more powerful console is having trouble keeping up with the most average multi platform games...

To top it off he thinks lack of Bluray is the main problem when the PS3 hardware just couldn't display what Halo 3 has now! on screen at once.

Hell games like Dirt bland in comparison when it comes to AI's, Textures etc on screen; had many things taken from the PS3 version because it can not put as many things at once on screen at any given time.

Fool thinks Blu-ray would have made Halo 3 look like Call of Juarez, moronic. I doubt the PS3 would be able to display what halo 3 has now not with those features and lighting, lots of things going on at once PS3 would bottle neck.

LOL He thinks lack of Blu-ray has something to do with Halo. He talks sh)t about Halo when the PS3 can't beat the 360 version of "Dirt" Devs taking crowds of people out, taking grass out, taking tree's out of the PS3 version and this clown has the nerve_ ____.

Huxley is better than KillZone 2, MGS4 seems wacky so who cares about that Japanese freak show.

360 FTW...

Blitzed4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

You start your post with -

"I think he's a hating ass fanboy."

And end it with-

"Huxley is better than KillZone 2, MGS4 seems wacky so who cares about that Japanese freak show."

Who is the "hating ass fanboy"?! You are probably the biggest hypocrite on this site.

And when did you play Warhawk? For that matter when did you play Killzone 2?

Didn't you reply to my post just the other day spewing your bias crap saying that 360 fanboys are not "haters and people that like to destroy the industry due to foolish nit picking. people get sick od the evnyous rage and pregidous with malice"!

I really hope you are getting paid because you are by far one of the most blindly loyal fanboys on this site. I am not here to bash on Halo, I think its a fun game, but MS can do no wrong in you're eyes. I said it before and you keep proving me right; you are a joke.

reaferfore204038d ago

9 agrees, zero disagrees. POG=PWND.

S1D3 EFFEC74038d ago

Thats a load of BS right there and I will tell you why. The game only took 7GBs, they still had 1.5GBs of free space yet they dint use it, and I guarantee you that space has nothing to do with resolution since I have played a 96kb game online that runs 720p and I doubt a extra matchmaking list would take 1.5GBs.

thewhoopimen4038d ago

POG, your words are just garbage. You obviously have never tried Warhawk, so don't even start critiquing titles you've never touched. I have played Halo3/GOW/and Bioshock, and I know for a fact that Halo3 has nothing on the other 2 xbox360 titles. I think it is a great disservice what Microsoft/Bungie pulled over the xbox community. Including the fact that CORE users will soon be screwed over big time (yes forced to buy $100 upgrade for 20gb).

@1.10 Sid3 Effec7 Wtf are you talking about? What are you playin? Furcadia? You can display anything in 1080p or 2500p if you want to as long as you have the monitor/display with the resolution. However, that doesn't mean the game was "designed" as a 720p or 1080p game. You're just blowing the image up, dimwit.

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Jack Bauer4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

wow i never heard of this feature before now, but i wish they would have put it in the game...matchmaking is cool, but i like coming and going as i please into games... especially since i just play for fun.

Snukadaman4039d ago

this is the first time im hearing this about xbl public...if only we had the option too pick what games we can play...i hate oddball and crazy king..i just want slayer.

Ignorant Fanboy4039d ago

Do you just read the headlines??

Look at the top of the page, its written right there, you dont even have to click "Read Full Story" Its just right there in the preview.

I guess the internet is too difficult for some people.

tomfoolery4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

and people nit pick and b1tch endlessly about the small things.
Maybe they're going to have it eventually,in Halo 4.Relax.

Close_Second4039d ago

Halo 3 is a fantastic game for one reason or another, however ever since it was released this site has been flooded with people trying to bring it down...mainly non-360 owners.

Seems like some people will go to any length to put a negative spin on something that is a true system seller.

I wish this site would make it so you could only post stories or comment on them if you register your gaming tag for a given console. That is, I can't post stories or comments on PS3 content until I register my PS3 gamertag. It would certainly eliminate most of the crap that goes on here.

socomnick4039d ago

tom no disrespect but this is a huge feature they left out. Even the 5 dollar burger king games had this feature searching for public non ranked games is a huge feature I wish they would had included it. Problem is alot of the bungie fans are too busy polishing bungies shaft and don't demand for this very necessary feature.

Fux4Bux4039d ago

Yeah without matchmaking for it the potential is kinda ruined for custom games.

bumnut4037d ago

they give you the power to create custome maps and then only let you use them with friends!!!


also, i have never been in a game with more than 12 people