Rumor: France 40GB PS3 (w/ BR Spiderman 3) 399€

Wazoo, a poster at is reporting that a 40gb Ps3 with Spiderman 3 will be announced next week, the bundle will cost 399€. Along with the 60GB PS3 (w/ PES2008) at 499€.

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Taker_1294089d ago

This should really help sales alot. Getting the price down as fast as possible is the best thing sony can do.

Apocwhen4089d ago

Yes, if this is true then I will certainly be picking one up. otherwise it's still too much at €600

ErcsYou4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

? According some guys at retail in France, the packs will be more or less announced next week ?


...........never trust a source who doesnt even make sense.............

Jandre024089d ago

i was thinking the whole spiderman 3 thing at first since it hasnt been released yet, but then again they did release the ballad of ricky bobby early with the ps3 NA launch.

Jandre024089d ago

How much does it sell for now? thats really good though.

LeonSKennedy4Life4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

When you see a gamestop employee carrying a 40 Gig PS3 into the back start to wonder.

It had something packed with it...I just didn't see.

EDIT: Yeah...I saw the 40Gig thing on the side.

superdude4089d ago

you saw him with a 40 gig??

PStriple7034089d ago

how did you know if was a 40gb model

MrWonderful4089d ago

you didnt see crap because they dont have them. and trust me i used to work for them and my friends that work there keep me up to date with this stuff.

Meus Renaissance4089d ago

Roughly translates to around £280, but knowing Sony, they'll probably make it £299

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The story is too old to be commented.