New PS3 SKU now being referred to in advertising

The new SKU found at the FCC is now listed on the flyer for the 5 Blu-ray disc offer...shouldn't be long now then!

Has CECHG01 listed as a PS3 that is eligible...that is the one at the FCC right now.

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Spike474037d ago

sony just can't keep the price cut a secret.

they're gonna confirm that there is no price drop now, and then make one in christmas, which is smart to do.

TheExecutive4037d ago

Its almost October, they would be smart to get it out now and advertise it with their games this holiday season.

Omegasyde4037d ago

Putting it out now wouldn't be a great idea (in the US at least). Mid November would be the ideal time due to increased spending by consumer at triples. If Sony does it right, and advertises the blu-ray deal ( 5 free movies) alot of parent's will see this as a savings.

Let alone in November "The fight is finished", and hype for halo is gone.

risk4037d ago

or they can spend $15 million on advertising from now till christmas that puts commercials on major stations in the world with the new sku and a price drop, that would get people to buy the ps3 earlier, and would also spread word and mouth advertising when christmas gets near.

drtysouf214037d ago

45 days from Sept 4th to keep it secret from the public so it could take till the middle to end of October before they announce it.

kspraydad4037d ago

is standard...SONY can release the product anytime after FCC approval (and the pics and details MUST be released on FCC when that decision to go early is made)

TheExecutive4037d ago

Well, i think we can agree that it will be out by November. A 399 sku would be good for the PS3.

WAR_MACHINE774037d ago

I think they'll hold until the agreement with the FCC is up. If they are in fact going to bundle it with Spider-man 3, it wouldn't make sense to say anything before oct. 15, since Spider-man doesn't drop in the US until oct. 30.

TheExecutive4037d ago

What if they dropped Spiderman early just in the PS3?

TheExecutive4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Apparently my spacebar turned into an enter key.... duplicate post, sorry.

TheExecutive4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Apparently my spacebar turned into an enter key.... duplicate post, sorry.

Armyless4037d ago

That's not the kind of thing just anyone would know.

kspraydad4037d ago

I'm the geek that 'found' the original FCC docs for the 80GB sku back in March and 'found' this new SKU too...Since I submitted it I figure I should know about the FCC and its 'rules'...its all on their site. I wrote for a short time for a PS blog and therefore looked into this stuff daily.

I'm actually a Financial Advisor in the banking industry.

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skynidas4037d ago

if they do this the sales of the ps3 will skyrocket

[email protected]4037d ago

Most probably true.

I get my 60GB version a few months agos and I totally happy with it.

Mu5afir4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

A poster at neogaf is reporting that a 40gb SKU with Spiderman at 399 will be announced next week in France. This is going to be great for Europe they need a price cut over there.

Give me bubbles for the news, xD

kspraydad4037d ago

is the one at the FCC right now. The label at the FCC indicates that it is a US/Canada model and is NTSC not PAL. This model is not directly related to the EU.

Mu5afir4037d ago

Yeah, I agree it's not the same model NUMBER. But it is the 40gb, and it is rumored to be releasing in France in the next week. So, the possibility of it hitting the states soon shouldn't be too surprising.

hotshot12374037d ago

look at his comment

Dude, I am just being real. I've been saying this constantly since a long time already. Props were props need to be given. The PS3 still is overexpensive on 600 Euro's for what it does.

"well I guess if that is true and this is the only exclusive AAA title than the PS3 will be right on par with the 360 since in it's first year Gears was there only AAA title. So i guess i can live with that."

Wrong again. COD2 was rated 90% average reviews, AAA. Gears of War was rated over 90%, thus AAA.

On the other hand: it really doesn't matter to compare first years. You have to compare current situation.

PS3 at this moment has one AAA, non exclusive Bioshock.
360 has multiple AAA's (console exclusive).

And that's what is seen when people buy a console at the moment

now hes talkin about uncharted drakes fortune. although he 4gets rachet and clank time and time again. and bladestar says uncharted is like tombraider but forgets tome raider never had a cover system and gunfights like drakes or hand to hand and tomb raider was MUCH MORE HEAVILY BASED ON EXPLORATION. or the fact drake doesnt fight animals or that he doesnt flip. but still i wonder what got into the mart. unless he's just tryna do this so he can say in the future that he predicts everything right

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