Tekken 6 Character Screen Confirms Total of 40 Characters?

40 character can be seen on the screen but is not officially confirm.

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Venom_Blood4090d ago

great!!! I wasn't going to get this game as I have TK:DR and is a blast but 40+ characters is something worth the buy

Douchebaggery4090d ago

anyone knows when it's coming out

Sevir044090d ago

personally i'll wait. if they even delay this for late next year i'd be happy becaue this looks like Tekken 5 a bit. i want it to look better than VF5. or at least match it's quality in graphics because we already know tekken plays great.

LeonSKennedy4Life4090d ago

Tekken 6 could resort back to the first Tekken's graphics and the gameplay would still destroy anything else on the market.

Tekken freakin' ROCKS!

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The story is too old to be commented.