School Days HQ Coming to the English Market!

iAX: "Eroge gamers brace yourselves, the anime that defined the term love triangle is coming in all its full and unedited glory. Brought to you under JAST’s new label JAST Densetsu, the localization will be a collaboration between JAST USA, Japanese maker Overflow and the localization group Sekai Project. School Days HQ will not only feature a hi-def remake and graphic update of the original School Days visual novel, but it also adds an additional story and new endings as well."

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rezznik4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

I love boats...:)

-X-4358d ago

To all who didn't watch the anime this may seem like a romance, but it gets REAAALLLY freaky last few episodes..its a cute romance gone horribly bad.

ZeroX98764358d ago

horribly is still very positive compared to what it really is!!!!The end of this anime was the most horrifying, creepy and disgusting ending I ever saw.

""" Spoiler alert"""
going out on vacation on a boat with the decapitated head of your boyfriend and be happy about it.... WOW just WOW!

and people still say that rapelay is extremely bad! this isn't any better

rezznik4358d ago

I can't wait to see said epic ending. I am eagerly anticipating this release.

Redempteur4357d ago

there are good ending in this game but the one the anime adapted is the one you'll most likely have on your first play of the route they used

nothere4134358d ago

The anime based on this had some of the most forced drama I've ever seen. Don't think I'll be checking this out...

Jack-Pyro4358d ago

Dear God, what is it with Japan and teenage angst, I mean I know it exists, and hell I was an angsty guy in highschool, but damn, Japan needs to inject antidepressants into it's water supply or something....