Crysis 2, MLB 2K11, Top Spin 4 and Black Ops demos hit Xbox LIVE

XMNR: Xbox LIVE went a little demo crazy this morning as four demos landed for Xbox 360 owners to download and try out. Three of them are for upcoming games while one is for an already released game.

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cochise3133694d ago

Black OPs demo? WHo give a rat's ass about that? I bet the demo plays better than the full game.

siyrobbo3694d ago

its much better because its finished in ten minutes and then can be deleted

Megaton3694d ago

Does Crysis 2 require this retarded registration on 360? If not, 360 is clearly the superior version. THIS SH*T REFUSES TO WORK ON PC!

sourav933694d ago

Hey. I might be wrong, but my mate downloaded the demo and he said using "login" for both username and password gives you access. I don't know if he's just messing with me but at least it's something, right? Peace.

plb3694d ago

Worked fine for me on PC

LordRydell3694d ago

Honestly...why on Earth would one download the Black ops demo today,almost 4 months after the launch of the game? :/
Let alone the Crysis 2 demo is released the same day! :/

Elven63694d ago

Remember the impact the Modern Warfare 2 demo (which released in April 2010, even later than this) had on game sales? The game began to chart on the NPD listings again. I assume there is a sizeable audience waiting for COD demos before jumping in.

Solidus187-SCMilk3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

im going to dl this one and try it today.

sourav933694d ago

Why would you give the 360 another multiplayer demo when the ps3 demo has not even been released yet? You (Crytek) said that you treated every platform equally. All lies!

ColecoVision3694d ago

I'm downloading it right now for my Xbox. As for the PS3... Crytek is most likely dialing things in, cause a first impression is a lasting impression.

plb3694d ago

Blame MS. They paid for the timed exclusive.

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