Crysis 2 demo 3D fails to impress

Msxbox-world looks at the 3D implementation in the just released Crysis 2 demo which pales in comparison to its peers presenting an inferior use of the technology.

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Darkfiber3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Wow, after all that hype about Crysis 2's groundbreaking 3D technology and all the time and money they put into developing it for the 12 people out there who can actually use the feature, they don't even like it!

MNicholas3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Unlike, for example, GT5 or movies like Avatar, Crysis 2 doesn't render a different image for each eye.

It renders one image then warps that image left or right using a clever depth based scaling algorithm. This is why there's no significant frame-rate or resolution hit with the Crysis 2 "3D."


But the one GT5 uses will give you bigger headaches than the technique Cytek have used in Crysis 2.

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imvix3719d ago

Crysis 2 3D may fail on console where people have no choice and are at the mercy of the developer.

On PC things are different we have softwares like IZ3D, Tri Def which can be configured to change things very quickly. Not to mention the modding community.

DigitalAnalog3719d ago

I disagree, I get to try 3D on GT5 and the experience is very much like that on the silver screen.

-End statement

darx3719d ago

Can't wait for 3d to die!

dragonelite3719d ago

3D effect is 3D effect.
If you use a non compromise methode good for them.

Pixelated_Army3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

where's pandamobile? How would you like your crow prepared sir? haha!

Say it! SAY IT!!!! PS3, it's the better console!!

"If we compare the 3D effects of Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 then Killzone 3 wins hands down!"

Megaton3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

GameTrailers already mentioned this at E3 last year. Everyone left the Crysis 2 3D E3 demo scratching their heads, wondering what was supposed to be in 3D. It's weak at best.

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joydestroy3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

yep, pretty fail
here's hoping 3D in final copy is better than the demo!

shades723719d ago

Crytek has said the 3D in the demo is not as good as the final game.

shades723719d ago

For the disagrees here's the quote from Crytek's Jens Schaefer, "The final game has a lot more depth and a lot of progress happened. The 360 demo did not integrate the updates and thus 360 demo is not representative regarding S3D."

roadtrucker3719d ago

do you really believe them?

dragonelite3719d ago

The press was impressed last week when they got to play test crysis 2 in 3D atleast the national 3D gamepress was. They said the 3D was more into the screen instead of out of the screen 3D.


No form of artificial 3D is 'real'

It's a gimmick and it'll always be a gimmick.

koehler833719d ago

Who the hell are you to judge what's 'real'?

Your eyes are a pathetic limitation of biology, not a testament of reality. You can't even see infrared! What the hell do you know?

Puny human.

JsonHenry3719d ago

I am downloading the PC demo right now. Hopefully the 3D implementation is better than on the 360.

Ranshak3719d ago

I am sure the modding community will find ways to tweak it.

JsonHenry3719d ago

I'm sure being on the PC it will be patched rather quickly if it is not up to par.

saint_john_paul_ii3719d ago

i just played it in 3D on PC, and i thought it was great, although you cant play in Dx11 till the real game comes out.

JsonHenry3719d ago

It isn't DX11? I thought that something didn't seem right. I played it at 1920*1080/Hardcore settings. I kept thinking that this game looks good, but not quite as good as I thought it should look. Maybe no DX11 is why I thought that?

Denethor_II3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Same with ShogunTW2 (no Dx11), damn.

@dragonelite"pc has stereoscopic 3D from nvidia if im not mistaken.". It's pretty gay if the PS3/PC are held back by the 360, but else is new.

dragonelite3719d ago

pc has stereoscopic 3D from nvidia if im not mistaken.

2fk3719d ago

to tell u the truth i tried to like this game...its visually gr8 but idk i just cant get into it...

FiftyFourPointTwo3719d ago

Me too. I tried liking it but this game seems to be on the bottom of my list for must play FPS games this year. There's R3, KZ3, Darkness 2, DNF, and Serious Sam 3 for me.

2fk3719d ago

i know it kinda sucks i've been following on this game for like a year....o well onto BF3, UC3, brink, rage,and gears 3

bumnut3719d ago

Its like they have tried to turn Crysis into COD and just ended up with a turd

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