New image of Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning

Well, it looks like someone managed to take a picture of Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning from inside the TGS closed mega theater using a cell phone. The image doesn't reveal anything new.

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Azailex Sorrow4089d ago

this picture reminds me of the versus XII picture, except its a girl, and its alot light, then it is in XIII versus..

DJ4089d ago

They're really stepping up the in-game graphics.

Taker_1294089d ago

That does look good if it's in-game

Bonsai12144089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

for them to release that trailer they showed at TGS. its been too long since we've gotten something new from squeenix.

how the heck do you disagree with my statement?

do you think a year is too short of a time for new news?

gololo4089d ago

this game is going to be sweet!!!

gololo4089d ago

why disagree....give me a reason why it wouldnt be's FF for gods sake...

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The story is too old to be commented.