How 'Halo' became golden with gamers

Here's for the people who do not understand why Halo is so successful, popular and accoladed. The News & Observer explains:

The midnight release of "Halo 3" on Tuesday put it on par with the last Harry Potter book. There's a movie in the works backed by Peter "Lord of the Rings" Jackson. Several novels have been set in the "Halo" universe, as well as a series of graphic novels.

But why?

Before "Halo," the most popular shooters were on amped-up computers that could cost thousands of dollars. Shooters generally were an expensive, competitive and exclusive experience... Then Bungie, the developer of the game, was able to democratize it for the affordable Xbox console. "[Bungie] took a hard-core genre and made it accessible," says Cliff B, the lead designer for "Gears of War."

. . .

Still, the real revolution came with "Halo 2" in 2004. . .

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cr33ping_death4089d ago

well it was the only great game on the original xbox.........the xbox had no games. what else where they to play?

Daytona4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Besides Halo I & II there was Splinter cell I II & III, KOTOR I & II, MGSII, Jade Empire, Thief III deadly shadows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer I & II, Bloodraine, Brute Force, Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Star Wars Jedi Knight games all of them, All the Tom Clancy Ghost Recon games, Shenmue II, Ninja Gaiden series, Sooooo, I don't know but this is just a few off the top of my head dumb assed mofo, not to mention EVERY SINGLE PORT WAS BETTER ON THE XBOX vs ps2.

babyhand4089d ago

Your opinion is not fact for everyone else. I personally like the halo series along with the half life series.

u got owned4089d ago

PWNED.... jeje


well said. [email protected] trolls.

cr33ping_death4088d ago

look at my pic motherf*cker all i gots say to you.....and " buffy" LOL LOL LOL LOL

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Daytona4089d ago

The best keeps on getting better.

Fu19854089d ago

Just go buy the damn game and play it then see if it that great of game.

TheXgamerLive4089d ago

In fact Halo has already gone down as the game that helped truly shape and encourage online gaming for consoles everywhere.

It deserves all it's hype and more.

Rockstar4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

While I agree that it did help shape online console gaming I'm still not so sure it deserves the amount of hype it gets.

Don't get me wrong, I own halo 1 and 2 (Halo 3 when I get a 360)and they're great games but they're just that...great games.

I'm not so sure any game deserves this kind of juggernaut status especially if it's just an FPS.

But, just because I can't wrap MY head around it doesn't mean it's not deserving I guess.

tehcellownu4089d ago

halo 1 2 and 3 is the same crap..nothin next gen..xboxlive and mulitplayer is the only thing fun.that is old news..people is on halo nuts..

Mu5afir4089d ago

GoldenEye, Redsteal etc.. are great shooters that did what Halo does today. The only reason Halo gained so much popularity is because it was the only game worth having for the Original Xbox. And Microsoft hyped the crap out of it.

cartman3134089d ago

I miss doing 4 player Goldeneye. I remember I was at a friends house and 4 of us were playing. I got shot down and yelled F***. I didn't realize his mom was sitting in her chair watching us.

BIGBAER4089d ago

OUTSTANDING CONTROL! The Xbox controller seemed as if it was made for Halo. Bungie did such a good job configuring and balancing Halo's controls that even mediocre players could "get the feel" and become proficient in the game.

It's a common argument offered by Halo/Xbox haters that Halo "sucks" and they'd rather play FPS on a PC because "nothing beats the acuracy of keyboard & mouse" controls.

They just don't get it. Halo's controls are so good that players feel in total control; Master Chief becomes an extention of the players physical being. Or so it seems.

Halo is one game I would NEVER want to play using a keyboard & mouse combination. The fun would be gone.

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