Warhammer 40k Soulstorm scans&info

Four scans of the 3rd expansion to Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War on Tiscali Games. The article is in Czech but here's the translation:

- Campaign taking place in a solar system: 31 territories, 4 planets, 3 moons.
- Galaxy soon to be engulfed by a warp storm.
- 2 new races: Dark Eldar and one yet-to-be-announced (Sisters of Battle?)
- Dark Eldar: ability to gather soul essence left behind by dead units, use it as a resource.
- All sides apart from the necrons get air units.
- Standalone like the previous expansion, Soulstorm-only owners will be able to play as the 2 new races in MP (= same as Dark Crusade).

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